It’s Vitally Important!

Filatovich O.V.
It’s Vitally Important !. – Kiev: the Ukrainian academy of sciences, Publishing house “Phoenix”, 2011. – 264 pages.
Translation: by Yakiv and Oleksiy Kutsenko
ISBN 978-966-651-715-2

Why this book is Vitally Important? Because this book is the first published source of knowledge the use of which allows forming and realizing the Fate – ribbon of life of today and future!
Elect on your own Role of Opponent of Projects of Creator -form and will realize unprofitable, dirty, destructive Fate! Elect on your own Role of Follower of Projects of Creator – will realize successful, harmonious, creative Fate!
A book is „Vitally Important!” it is a manual on Initiator of Forming of Realization of the own Fate! In a section IV of this book you will find Universal Forms of The Living Word and Universal Matrices of The Living Word, which it is possible and needed to use for the real making healthy, prophylaxis of diseases, increase of capacity, forming of own successful, creative, Light life!

Rich in content sense of Words.

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Before to read and use with a benefit on your own informa­tion, expounded by me in this book, advise you to familiarize with the rich in content sense of some words:

* A sense of words Creator of Universe:
It is the informative system of realization of permanent Spiri­tual, heartfelt, financial development in obedience to Rules of Creator.
– Informative Field which pierces all of Pure – material and im­material;
– System of harmonious co-operation of financial and immaterial
objects and subjects;
A creator of Universe is the Unique Informative Field of Study -Creation – Perfection = Hierarchy of Control the system by Light = Hierarchy of Spirit.
In place of word God, I will use a word Creator and his syn­onyms. Why? Because, it’s a pity, today many people use a word „ God ” as instrument of providing of the financial enriching, as character of political and economic power.
Farther in a book in text Creator – Creator of Universe will mean.

* Sense words Rule of Creator:
Rules of Creator – it the constituent of Creator of Universe, which provides dynamic motion on Way of Study – Creation -Perfection, stops the process of degradation of any living crea­tures!
– Rules of Creator is irreproachable, due to that they passed a test, correction sometimes, meantime, which in the human under­standing measuring is impossible is time of existence Creator boundless!
– In obedience to Rules of the Creator, the Spiritual always is primary, material – second.

Rules of Creator 3-level: Rules of Study, Rules of Creation, Rules of Perfection:
– For the sake of providing of high level of Perfection of Spirit Hierarchy of Control the system by Light is able to prang any fi­nancial object, if he interferes with the process of Perfection.
– Rules of Creator existed, exist and will exist regardless of un­derstanding or perception of them by living creatures. Hierarchy Control the system by Light – it clear, control the system by a process triune Perfection is automated, is verified and harmo­nious.

* A sense of word is Man:
On Planet there is only one living creature (except for, certainly, Earth) which has triune Essence – Spirit – smother is a flesh and undertakes the personal responsibility to move By Evolu­tion, and, By the increase of achievements of Creator of Un­iverse! In obedience to Project of Creator is Man! Here and farther, I will write a word „Man ” from a capital letter on condition that speech goes about triune incarnate Essence -Spirit, smother, flesh. In all other variants is a word „timber-toe” small letter.

* Sense of word „Light” from a capital letter will mean infor­matively power Stream, which provides the process of Life cre­ation of Spirit, soul, physical body of living creatures and formed due to wiring for the sound of The Living Word. The synonym of word Light is Light Stream.

* A sense of words is Spirit of Man:
A spirit is Informative Matrix of Rules of Creator of Universe. A spirit is Higher Essence of Man and Nations, the constituent of Creator of Universe, which forms the soul of man, will real­ize Study – Creation – Perfection of the soul and physical flesh. A spirit gives a man possibility to be the proper Rules of Crea­tor! The inalienable constituent of Spirit is Word
– Instrument of Creation due to which formed and Informative Matrix of Spirit will be realized.

* A sense of word is the soul:
The soul of man and Nations is the high-organized thin-planned structure, the basic task of which is the informative providing of harmonious vital functions of physical flesh of man, Nation and maintenance of Light connection with Crea­tor of Universe.

* A sense of words is a flesh of man:
A flesh of man is financial Mean – instrument, necessary a man for realization of the duty incarnate stage of Study – Creation -Perfection. The constituent of flesh are organic and inorganic matters of planet Earth, a planet on 100% provides the constitu­ent of flesh of man!
The physical flesh of man is able to show the vital functions only due to the informative providing of the soul!

The first preface to the book

Inform-cell Aol’

the Advance-guard of aviation Approaches;
the Heavenly Shine,
the Creating Light
the High Spirit!
by Way of Evolution
I am Going!

1. A human association in the process of the development is already pass a period „child” and „juvenile”. From 1999 year of our days, a human association entered in the period of
grown „man” life. Exactly from it, in 1999 speed of changes in the world (an amount of events is for time unit) was increased on an or­der – in 10 (!) times. Today Right on life has only that liv­ing creature which is able dynamical to change, adhering to Rules of Creator! An idea, Word, act, must answer Rules of Creator is the mortgage of Right to live! In order that idea, Word, act of man corresponded to Rules of Creator, a man must own Veritable Knowledge of Universe!

2. Any grew to man, a human association now carries the complete personal responsibility for maintenance of the opi­nions of -sliv – acts – actions! Any man which owns Veritable knowledge of the Universe has Right on successful, creative, Light life, for terms:
it is cognition of Rules of Creator – an observance of Rules of Creator is in everyday life
it is maintenance of Light Unity with Creator of Universe!
Until information of Creator of Universe was not wired for a sound, as though and to responsibility for ideas – Words-acts of man did not exist.

Even then, when a man, ignoring Rules of Creator, got destruc­tive karma blow, this event did not become instructive for other representatives of human association. Even those people which aimed to move by the way of Study – Creation – Perfection, the helpless were to the end to understand the mechanism of realiza­tion of Rule
Relationship of cause and effect connection. A man did not own knowledge! Absence of Veritable knowledge, imperceptions, generated fear.
It’s a pity, Veritable knowledge were unattainable most citi­zens of Planet – the Universe was perceived unreliable, false, and vicious! This circumstance causes fear, uncertainty in the forces, destruction of Spirit – soul – flesh.

Today knowledge of Rules of Perfection is wired for a sound in this book.
And regardless of to take interest Vasiliy, Marina, Sergey by maintenance of this information or not, everybody in the process of dwelling carries the personal grounded responsi­bility for maintenance of the opinions – Words – acts! Infor­mation is given is works!
Knowledge, which is told in the Zero section of this book is not fantasy, not child’s device, this is information, which is placed on 5th and 6th informative levels of planet Earth.

Before, fragmentary, this knowledge became known to devote which guarded with care, did secret of them from human public. Handed on these torches from mouths in mouths only „select”. But it’s a pity, knowledge, which was owned by „select” some­times, became known Opponents of Projects of Creator, the pur­pose of life of which power, enriching, vanity, was and is. For the sake of realization of the mercenary purpose Opponents of Projects of Creator contrasted dirty, impure, destructive „pseudo-knowledge” Light, Clean, Creative knowledge, that: to inculcate constantly-acting control after words, acts of fellow-citizens – to subordinate itself will of representatives of human association, manipulating information;
• to form from them the serfs of -rabiv for achievement of the purpose – financial enriching, strengthening of the power, vanity.

3. Today source not „pseudo”, but veritable knowledge be­comes the accessible to majority representatives of human association.
For what? It is a requirement of Creator of Universe! This book – actually a train aid, source of Clean, Light, Crea­tive knowledge, which needs every living creature, which considers itself Man – triune Creative Essence by a right on permanent triune Study – Creation – Perfection.

This is Light Knowledge which was owned by our ancestors in the period of Sun Days (times of Aratti-Trypillya) allow boldly, successfully to Create our present time of -maybutne!
Genetic information of our successful Majestic ancestors is saved in each of us – representatives of Large Ukrainian Nation. For each of us there is large honor and large responsibility before High Lives to be Ukrainians and execute a large responsible task – Creation of the New Harmonious Worlds!
It is time already to wake up and move Way Sun-motion!

Everybody which is Triune Incarnate Creative Essence and aims to be successful in the present time and future is guilty:
1. To perceive the world in TRUTH, and, to cognize and study Rules of Creator of Universe (0 section of this book).
2. To live in obedience to Rules of Creator (1-2-3 sections of book).
3. To support Light connection with Creator of Universe (4th section of book).

I wish triune successful realization Study – Creation – Perfection
Olexander Filatovich.

Self-awareness: We are - UK-RA-INCI! (Ukrainian) (Second preface)

Veda – new testaments of forefather to the sort of Rusy – Ukraine.

1. Not follow after Darkness, but follow after Light, because those, which follow after Darkness, disappear prematurely. Who follows after Light, acquire Light Life, eternal!

2. Cognize Wisdom of Creator Unique and acquire Light of Creator on your Way!

3. Don’t live according to laws that people created, to deprive you freedom, and live for the Rules of Unique Creator!

4. Don’t eat a meal with blood, because will be like beast of predator, and illnesses will ruin you. You consume a meal clean, which grows on the fields your, in the forests, gardens you, you will get then forces of huge!

5. Don’t sell you Earth it after gold and silver, because curse you on itself will bring on, and there will not be you forgive­ness in all of days!

It is acknowledged the world scientists, which exactly from Prydniprov’ya an indo-European culture went out into the worlds, here foundation of indo-European languages was formed in a human association.
To the point, our ancestor from Mizinskoy of stand (Chernigov area, Koropskiy district), which lived 20 (!) thousand years to the new era, already in that time was the developed man, was up ba­sic Spiritual directions of future civilization:

– religion (concept about Spirit and smother);
– astronomy (monthly, sun calendars);
• system of sacral signs – characters (pictography letter, numbers);
• art (a band of musical instruments is from mammoth bones);
• highly aesthetically beautiful fictile art (wares had signs of famous opishnyanskoy ceramics);
• domestic aesthetically beautiful bangles meander, which were better ancient meandr of more late (on 18 thousand years) days.

Clearly, to attain such level of development, our great grandfather must was be able to think, and – and to talk! In fact, an idea is formed words!

Conclusion: yet ante-Christum our forefather was able to think 22 thousand years – to speak – to Create!

Many scientists of the world acknowledge that exactly on the walks of life of Ukraine there was the first earthly civi­lization and from here already spread on all of Planet! First mentions about a human association the representatives of which were able to write, and – to talk Words – to pass informa­tion, and – to think to talk to Create, we find as rock paintings inscriptions of -text on territory of the so-called Stone Grave under Melitopol (this territory was named thus by our contemporaries, because in this place plenty of stone is located in form circle).
„Gladly a plough ploughs earth!” – Moscow shumerolog Anato-liy Kifishin deciphered rock inscription in a Stone Grave. Time of writing of this inscription in obedience to the conclusions of experts – archaeologists, about 9 thousand years to our days.
And a place under Melitopol in actual fact was named „Temple of a Sun”.
This was the Spiritual center in which passed Study – Creation – Perfection our ancestors. A country was named by Aratta, that, in obedience to semantic information, means:
A = is active, dynamic motion; RA = a Sun – God; TTA = follower.

Conclusion – the name „Aratta” meant the „State of active fol­lowers of a Sun!”
Territory of the state of Aratta was stretched out easterly to the west of the river Dnepr to Danube, from a north south of sources of Dnepr to the banks of the Black sea. Its people of labor inha­bited – farmers which first in history of humanity domesticated a horse created a wheel and plough (it is acknowledged in world science, that human civilization was begun with the invented wheel and domesticated horse).
When outside Aratta most people existed in the conditions of primitive communal line-up, the representatives of spiritual and scientific elite of ancient-Ukraine used the monthly, Sun, plane­tary-star calendars, built, beautiful, harmonious cities, taught the citizens of the country Rules of Creator.
From the end of VII, at the beginning of the VI millennium to B.C. the first state education appears – Aratta. Will remind read­ers, that slaveholder Shumer and Egypt arose up on the East on the border of IV III thousand B.C. Schumer considered itself is an Aratta by birth! These presentations are confirmed the arc­haeological and linguistic openings 40-90 years ХХ age. Proto-shumer inscriptions and images were found on the walks of life of Ukraine.
The most important sign of the state is power. At the head of the first in the world state – Aratta was Spiritual power is power of ancient Ukrainian priests! The clergy of Aratta created the states of pagoda and temples on territory, most from them scientists named observatories – Kozorovichi under Kyiv, Clamps under Chigirinom but other
Pagoda and temples carried out not only the role of ceremonial centers, general introduction of calendars but also playback (!) economy – agriculture and cattle breeding, Study Rules of the harmonious dwelling, cherishing of native culture. It is very important following:

• the state of Aratta arose up in time of peaceful democracy at the head with the Spiritual leaders;
• the state system arose up not in slaveholder Schumer, but in democratic society, on 1500 years earlier origin of the next state – Shumera.

In course of time „Tripillya” began to name the state is a coun­try of three fields:
– material – Jav
– heartfelt – Nav
– Spiritual – Right.

The three-level world is exactly represented such on clay potte­ries of tripilian culture. Our ancestors, for example, represented a three-level man feet and trunk waist-deep which was at level Java – world of matter
from a belt to the chairman – at level Nav are the souls head – at level Right – to Spirit.

Yet to forming of other known large civilizations (time of crea­tion of such potteries is dated 6-7 millenniums to our days) on potteries representatives of Aratta and tripillian represented cha­racters of world duality: Light – dark; white – black; a leader (yan) society (in)
Characters of eternity and boundlessness, which far later be­gan to depict on the potteries representatives of people of east Asia, we find on clay wares the habitants of Aratta, which were made seven thousand years to our days!

Character of Sun-motion (Svarga), which in future see in the tra­ditional images of Buddhists, was yet before represented our an­cestors on potteries (6 thousand years are to our days). In the first time in the world, agriculture and industry appeared on the walks of life of Tripillya.
„Horse were first domesticated in steppes of Ukraine over 4350 years before Christos”, is such conclusion of the American archaeologists of Raynera Bergera and Liner of Procha (Califor-nian university) and he is done on the basis of archaeological excavations nearby the Ukrainian villages of Usatovo, Dereivka, Evminka, where in the cultural layers of V thousand B.C. the bones of horse are found, tailings of wheels and harness!

In the first time tripilllian domesticated a cow, created a wheel and cart, ploughed up the first plough-land, planted cereals, veg­etables and fruit-trees. Tripillian as a result of difficult selection showed out a not wild, but cultural wheat (it was coupled in har­monious connection chromosome of the best wild forms).
In the first time in the world tripillian began to build dvo- and three-storied houses, erected temples, observatories, main routes, fortification buildings (To the serpent billows). In Tripillya, first a cosmogony, astronomy, mathematics, medi­cine, agronomics, appeared in the world. Our ancestors -tripillian shortchanged the radius of Earth, orbit of planets ex­actly, duration of month with exactness 0, 9 seconds, duration of sun year with exactness 0, 4 seconds.

Astronomers of Tripillya knew the star card of sky, motion of heavenly bodies to perfection. Primitive observatories were al­most in every settlement – at temples. Tripillian created numerical rows, astrology the first. Not a single world civilization is able to be evened with civili­zation of Tripillya neither after ploscheyu- from Danube to Dnepr (westerly to east), from the Black sea to the present scopes with Russia, (from a south this side of midnight) nor at times successful development – from 5700 to 2000 ante-Christum! An enormous contribution is to the World art, sacral, spirituality, written language of white race.

Thousands of pictography signs, in a number famous „In’-yan'”, which appeared on territory of Far East on 2 thousand years later.
For today, archaeologists opened 204 tripillya settlements, much from which cities-giants: Maydanecke – 340 hectares, with a population near 15 thousands of persons, Tal’yanky – 430 hec­tares, more than 20 thousand persons! For an example, in Rome (Italy) for 2 thousand years after inhabited only near 5 thousand persons.

Tripillian civilization already in V-III millenniums ante-Christum used copper wares, reared twelve cereal cultures: rye, barley, three types of wheat et al.
Swastika a „Sun in motion” – primitive amulet of white race, run down Nazis in 20 age of our days, presently go back to us as character of continuous, dynamic, eternal Movement By Perfec­tion!
Our tripillian is those Indo-European, which settling apart in III-II of millennium ante-Christum, putting beginning all of Euro­pean nations from Greeks to Britishers, from Italians to Germans.

Ukraine is a cradle of human civilization in a comparative numerical table



XV – XVIII thousands years B.C.
Stands: Lyzyn – Chernigov region… A country between is Cherkaska region
near town Kaneva, Dobranichivska and so-on (all more than one hundred stands)…

XII – III of millennium B.C.
(A temple of Sun (so-called the contemporaries „Stone grave”) in Melitopol city,
with oldest written.

5700-2200 years B.C.
the State of Aratta, Tripillian civilization.

2200-800 years B.C.
Bronze period. Kimeriyci et al.
in 800 years В. C. – in 200 year B.C.
Skitian, Sarmatian, Savromatian et al is a period of iron.

IV thousands years B.C.
Stonehenge: England.

Ill thousands years B.C.
– Shumeri.
– Egyptian civilization

in 1500 thousand years B.C.
Ancient Greece

in 800 thousand years B.C.
– tribes are transmigrated from podniprov’ya on Apenini.

in 500 thousands years B.C.
– Etruscans, Rome.

World research workers – geneticists, anthropologists, lin­guists, historians, acknowledge; Tripillian civilization is the cradle of the European people! Ukrainian nation of time of the state of Aratta, Tripillian ci­vilization is foundation of all of European nations!


Our ancestors – habitant Aratta and Triply most attention spared exactly the process of development of Spirit as the greatest essence of Man, what at the same time is essence of Creator of Universe.

Even most Rules of life of our ancestors were it inferior:

1. They realized expressly, that a physical body was only tem­poral clothes – instrument, necessity of Spirit are the souls, for realization of the duty incarnate stage of Study – Creation
– Perfection in the conditions of planet Earth.

2. Realizing this Truth, ancestors – tripillian almost identi­cally welcomed gladly:
a) Birth of child – embodiment of Spirit is the souls in a flesh;
b) Death of man is farewell of Spirit and soul with a physical flesh.
In other words – welcomed gladly:
a) The successful beginning of the duty incarnate stage of Study is Creation-Perfection of Spirit-soul in the conditions of planet Earth is birth;
b) Successful completion of the duty incarnate stage of Study
– Creation – Perfection of Spirit-soul in the conditions of pla­net Earth is passing of Spirit to the Fiery Field, souls – on the in­formative sphere of Earth for subsequent Perfection, but already without a physical flesh is physical death.
Stopping of vital functions of physical flesh could be expected:
– death of physical body in connection with old age -uselessness of flesh to the subsequent stay in him of Spirit-soul;
– by destruction of physical body on a battle-field, where a man realized itself in a role of warrior of -zakhisnika Father­land.
Stopping of vital functions of physical body could be unexpected:
– destruction of physical body as a result of earthly cataclysms is storm, earthquake, flood;
– unexpected death from the hands of mean killer. Tripillian realized – even by then incomprehensible event, is
one of the realized events of the own duty stage of Study -Creation – Perfection! To the tasks of Spirit-soul, which aban­doned the blasted physical body is to understand reason of realization of this unexpected event in order that in next em­bodiment to pass harmoniously, non-destructive the attendant of vital way.

3. Physical body, dying was burned
(actually, during a few hours returned a flesh as an ash back to the planet Earth).
For what exactly thus did tripillian say goodbye with a physical flesh dying?

I. Facilitate, to accelerate the process of transition of Spirit-soul on the Fiery Field and informative even Earths for sub­sequent Study – Creation – Perfection.

II. Facilitate to the planet Earth process of utilization of dead physical body.

III. More is main all!!!
1. Not to induce living people to serve a dead matter, de­stroying the Spirit these same and smother!
2. To shut out destructions of Spirit-soul, this abandoned a physical flesh (for example, Grandfather Ivan)!

Will explain:
1. I think, majorities to the readers clearly, that physical body – only dressed it, shell for Spirit and soul, leased tempo­rally in planets Earth!
In fact, nobody cries after trousers, by a shirt, clothes, shoe, which was taken, became useless for the use and thrown out on trash!
In fact, nobody serves and by years, does not care of shred of earth in which placed threadbare, useless clothes!
When a man serves a dead matter, it understates the vibra­tions (volume of Light) of the bodies to the level of this dead matter – there is destruction of living human Essence – to Spi­rit!
Our ancestors – tripillian understood that when a man cries, suffers on reason of physical death fellow creature, it actually adds a doubt Truth of Will of Creator which deter­mines time of birth and time of physical death of man.
Birth is embodiment of Spirit and soul in a physical body. Physical death is farewell of Spirit and soul with a physical body.

2. Wise people do not cry, does not destroy annually Spirit and smother a grandfather Ivan, which abandoned a weak flesh. These Spirit and soul was incarnated in new child’s physical body, which already by call Boris in which Spirit and soul gladly, harmoniously, actively pass the duty stage of Study of – Creative – Perfection (in the way of life people name this stage life)!!! It does not cost to interfere with rea­lization of process of evolution!
The process of permanent dynamic development of Spirit -Soul – flesh lasts farther every second!!!
The system of state administration of Aratta and Triply was the reflection of vertical Spiritual Hierarchy (Hierarchies of Control the system by Light) – Vertical Hierarchy of Rule. We know that this principle of management is tested during milliards – trillions of years (measuring of time is conditional, in actual fact time of Evolution – calculating Study -Creation – Perfection is impossible, he is boundless practi­cally!)

The reflection of principle of Vertical Hierarchy of Rule was also a domestic union of tripillian, where from the concordance of family (usually man and wife) members determined the head of family. A head could be as a man so wife – depending on that, who has more strong Spirit, consequently, the best capabilities of management the mini-state (by family). The obligatory requirements of domestic union were:
1. Clear Vertical Hierarchy of Rule:
the head of family is a family member child. Deference to the rank from above to the bottom.
2 To almost equivalent division of labor, rights, duties between family members for the improvement of the financial states.
3. The personal responsibility of every family member is for the yield of the labor.
4. Mutual respect, tolerance to the ideas – words – acts each to the family member. If necessary is support, help to each.
5. Glad attitude toward labor, harmony with surrounding sur­rounding living creatures and planetary objects.
6. Obligatory participation each in the process of Study -Creation – Perfection.
Obligatory Rule of every tripillian was an observance of cleanness of ideas, Words, acts.
Spiritual leaders taught the citizens of that Truth, that any man is an informative dual creature. The Ideas – Words – acts of everybody depends on volume main­tenance of that information which fills its bodies. Exactly on this reason, the requirement of tripillian association was obser­vance of ninth Rule of Creation: Informative filling of man and third Rule of Perfection: Implementation of Rule of Gol­den Middle.

Everybody knew, what ideas, Words, acts are impure, dirty, de­structive and what ideas, Words, acts are Clean, Light, Creative (see description of informative creature – Opponent of Projects of Creator and Co-Creator of Projects Creator – a section Zeroes this book).

Every Tripillian knew that on condition of filling more than 50-ti percents of volume of the bodies by informative dirt a man is doomed to be sick, unprofitable, and destructive. Realizing this circumstance, a man must constantly control mainten­ance of the opinions, words, acts and daily to fill with itself information of clean prayers – by the Living Words!


Now – in relation to Lessons of history of our days. We know already, that any event in history of human associa­tion as pozitivna-tvorcha so negativna-ruynivna is Test – Testing on force of – strong Spirit, in other words is possibility to operate – answer (2th stage) by an observance or counteraction Rules of Creator!

Rules of Perfection № 16: Way of Perfection.
If man or human association in the process of realization of the attendant of the incarnate stage of Study – Creation -Perfection on the 2th stage is Answer, carries out counterac­tion Rules of Creator of Universe, Hierarchy of Control the system by Light for it repeatedly creates in nowadays or in next embodiment analogical Test is testing, but already in more hard, rough form. This action takes a place until a man will not acts – Perfecting in obedience to Rules of Creator! We are speaking about 20-30 of ХХ age our days. Shortly are the basic stages of this frightful, destructive action:
1929-1931. More than 200 (!) peasant armed revolts swept on all of Ukraine as objecting against the so-called collectiviza­tion”, but the best to say – violent enthrallment by soviet power of agricultural earths for legal proprietors – peasants. It follows to notice – these peasant-armed revolts were elemental, poorly organized.
Feeling armed confrontation from the side of the Ukrainian pea­sants, soviet power in 1931 year organized mass arrests and de­portation outside Ukraine – to Siberia, on Kolyma, Solovky of strong owners and organizers of against together with the mem­bers of their families, which was named „fists”. When the so-called „fists ” beat up, killed and sent outside Ukraine, their fellow-villagers planted oneself extraneous ob­server is „it doesn’t touch me”, actually position of Opponent of Projects of Creator (see Section 0 § 4).
Why? Soviet power carried out Test-Testing of the Ukrai­nian peasants on possibility of against and strength of Mind (1st stage). And got Answer: weakness, fear, invertebrate (2nd stage) – position of Opponent of Projects of Creator (to take a refuse participating in Testing).
It follows to remind that primary purpose of incarnate life of man in the conditions of planet Earth this is Study – Creation – Perfection. And this process always passes in 4-ri successive the stages (more detailed see a section 0 §4). And if on the 2nd stage is Answer, a man represents position of Opponent of Projects of Creator actually, what does it follow to expect on the 3rd stage is Estimation? On the 4th stage, is Encouragement?
Obviously, on the 3rd stage is Estimation negative, on 4th stage is Punishment.
It is unpleasant to realize it, but such is reality! In 1932 years soviet power „beheaded” the Ukrainian peasantry in second times, arresting and showing out outside Ukraine this bout „middle peasant” – self-sufficient owners of the landed par­cels of land, which are able were to defend the right of private ownership on earth.
And again most fellow-villagers chosen position „it doesn’t touch me” is fear, weakness, desire not to enter into counte­raction with an enemy, self-deceit: „Let take away fists and middle peasant – mainly, that I was not touched. Sit in a house on a stove, may be it doesn’t touch me. This was a duty refuse to take part in Testing.
1933 is mass confiscation by soviet power of forage and sowing grain in the villages of Ukraine. Under threat of death punish­ment prohibition to leave outside from village (for the search of foods in other villages) – the passports were taken away, near villages set „black” boards.
In that time when authority grain, which was confiscated from Odessa port, sent ships for a border, earning incomes, hungry pestilence seethed in Ukraine – women, men, old people, died out mass to put. Those, who is able was to secure a right for life, -„fists” and „ middle peasant” already sent outside from Ukraine. Nobody could prevent power to carry out his or her wicked in­tentions!

Death not on reason of crop failure, extraordinary natural cataclysms, but on reason of the planned act of mass murder of population of Ukraine by soviet power. Frightful, hungry, mass death of millions of people!

I. Which Informative essences were those living creatures, which are planned, realized this action – mass murder by hungry pestilence of millions of people?
Answer: Yes, these were boys from hell, in which even a spark of Light was not in the soul!

II. What were they able to exterminate millions of citizens of Ukraine due to?
Answer: The event of mass golodomoru- extermination of the Ukrainian citizens was realized due to a cunning, trea­chery, force of enemies and, however not hardness to realize it, due to the weakness of victims – our compatriots!

ІІІ. Why when is it needed, it was to show force – power of Spirit, our compatriots showed a weakness?
1. One reason of the weak filling Light of human bodies is fear, weakness, alarm.
Force, power, bravery, boldness, is characteristic signs of Creator of Universe and Follower of Projects of Creator. And a man is able such to be only on condition of the permanent, daily filling of the bodies by information of Light, Cleanness and Creation. By Light, Clean, Creative Aryan prayers, Cos­sack prayers or The Living Words!

2. One reason of absence of Veritable knowledge of the Un­iverse and Rules of Creator of Universe a man has an insu­perable desire by any price to save it life is incarnate, even by the cost of treason of the sworn brothers, and as a result of punishment is a loss of own life! Base knowledge is needed even – Spirit of man is immortal, and a physical flesh is only temporal clothes for Spirit. The physical flesh of serf guards little kopeck. For the serf of life is actually, there is only slave existence! Sense a physical flesh acquires only then, when a man is able to defend the Right to be free, self-sufficient!

3. On reason of absence of unity, fraternity, creation of the unique human association, incorporated Spirit, soul and physical bodies, there is inability to secure the will and Right for veritable life!

So is it needed in order that a human association was able to protect the Will, Right on successful, harmonious life?
1. Bodies of man must be gap-filling Light – Clean, Light, Creative information of The Living Word! At this condition fear, alarm, weakness, absent for a man. A man becomes Light, Clean, free, strong, self-sufficient!

2. A man must own Veritable knowledge of the Universe and life on a planet Earth. At this condition, a man be­comes the constituent of Unique Informative Field of Study – Creation – Perfection – Creator of Universe!

3. A man in any crisis must depend only upon own forces and forces of like-minded persons of -pobratimiv. The unique idea, mutual help, general clever action, is for the observance of Rules of Creator!
Force is in a unity of like-minded persons, in unity with Creator of Universe! To defend the Right on harmonious, free, creative life a man must together with the sworn brothers – like-minded persons boldly, reasonably, inven­tively, Gladly!


The creator uniting
Three in one
moving Space
apart opening the Gates
Time directing Has made the Shot Initiation
the Base Realization Materialization!
the Inevitable has occurred – has come true!
Has been carried out!
In such a way is process of governing Over the World!

To defend Right to be free, a man is able self-sufficient only at terms:
1. To the presence of integral human association – Nation;
2. This man is a member and active participant of Nation. Nation is an integral human association, united by the unique Spirit, soul, physical bodies, the mother tongue and aspiration of permanent Triune ( To the spirit of -dushi -flesh) Study – Creative – Perfection!
Nation is able to be -stvorena is formed -realizovana by an integral human association on condition of presence of it political foundation – Vertical Hierarchy of Rule (VHP is brief). Want to remind the basic characteristic signs of VHP: l.Elect the leader of Nation
wise (Uk);
strong Spirit (Ra);
to join an integral human association (Ina) Man of good parts.

Elect Ruler national election.

Elect Ruler of that, who by the life, – proved the realized pre­vious ACTS, that he was FOLLOWER of PROJECTS of CREATOR!
2. A leader forms personally responsible power on all of levels of state administration, including a local government.
3. Carries out guidance Labor of legislative and executive bo­dies of power.
4. The leader of the state is personally responsible for consist­ing of businesses of the state. Answers the property, freedom, terms of the own subsequent dwelling.
5 In order that the concentration of power in the hands of country’s Leader did not become temptation of usurpation of power, creation of dictatorship, obligatory for VHP is con­stantly operating control from the side of National society af­ter activity of leader of the state. Presence of the real me­chanism of rapid removal from power of any civil servant, including and on condition of insolvency successfully to ex­ecute country’s Leader the functional duties. Supervisory organs must be elected national election.
6. Progress of guidance of country’s Leader is determined:
1. By the high level of Spiritual development of human association by introduction at the level of initial, general, higher school of possibility:
a) Cognition-study of Rules of Creator (The universe).
b) Observance constantly of Rules of Creator (Moral).
c) Light Unity with Creator (Spiritual Society is Church).
2. By the high level of national culture the base of which is Cleanness, Light, Creation. State control is after the clean­ness of Informative Space in the state.
3. By the high level of the financial providing of all of work­ings citizens of the state and also deserving level of material -public welfare of citizens which must not possibility work. Year-on-year increase of financial welfare of citizens of the state.
4. Effective domestic and external policy of the state. High defensive capacity of the state, possibility to protect wills freedom of every citizen of the state and Nation on the whole.

§ 4

l.What is meant by the present name of our state – Ukraine? Analysis: UK-RA-INA.
Uk – a word means wise (an antithesis ignoramus – unedu­cated).
Ra- a word means a Sun is Creator
Ine – the word of In is meant by society, state (dual word Yan = is a bright leader).

Conclusion: name of our state – Uk-ra-ine means the “Wise state of a Sun”!
This name is the greatest stage of aspiration of man of Per­fection!
An appropriate question appears: who are we – those that live on territory of Ukraine?
We are Ukrainians – descendants of Majestic, spiri-tually-in a civilized manner industrious human civiliza­tion of Aratta, Tripillya. We are the citizens of Ukraine -the wise state of a Sun! A sun, which grants warmly, Glad­ness, Light!
2. In what grandeur of our human civilization?
a) We are a human association which one of the most first representatives of fifth race took a title to use Word
– Instrument of Creator! (no less than 22 thousand years). We, citizens of Ukraine, is the representatives of human asso­ciation which passed extraordinarily powerful, Light, Spiri­tual Way, in the sentinel measuring – not less than 22 thou­sand years!
Civilization is determined:
– by possibility of man to talk Words (Information generator);
– due to forming of language to Create tools, articles of life not only, to raise a wheat, green-stuffs, fruit, what useful a human association, and also to live in Light Unity with Crea­tor;
– to cognize Rules of Creator;
– to live, adhering to Rules of Creator, to Create the harmo­nious Worlds!
b) We – one of the most first representatives of human as­sociation every citizen of which yet from times of existence of Aratta undertook the personal responsibility after:
– permanent Light Unity is with Creator;
– cognition, study of Rules of Creator;
– Study – Creation – Perfection in according to Rules of Creator.
It’s a pity, a few last hundred years some citizens of Ukrai­nians forgot, that we are Followers of Projects of Creator. But beginning of the third millennium of our days wit­nessed that Memory of Creator went back to our fellow-citizens!
c) We are Ukrainians, without regard to a that circumstance, that a few last hundred, as well as a lot of other representatives of human association, years existed almost in an isolation from Creator of Universe able to give a lot of useful yield for human civilization of the whole world. Yes, in a 20 age 14 Ukrainians (our fellow-citizens and representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora) became the lau­reates of Nobel Prize!
d) We are Ukrainians – human association which aims to go of Study – Creation – Perfection : – plans
– forms
– will realize
– materialize the new, harmonious, wonderful Worlds!

The Substance of Fullness

From Idea – to the Matter
From Desire – to Realization
From Faith – to the Event
From aspiration – to Realization
Determine forming Wonderful Worlds!

Section 0 (Zero section)

The Substance of Zero

the All is nothing
the Boundless is Final
the Big is Small
the High is Low
the One forms another
the One realizes another
the Code of Cleanliness
And Light
I am Creating!


A man is triune (Spirit – Soul – Flesh) or one (Soul – Flesh) in two incarnate essences. Regardless of there is a man by tri­une or one in two incarnate essences, each is a dual informa­tive creature – actually, there is s of two informative creatures – antagonists.
Universe is dual, opposite constituents are combined in him -warmly and cold, light and darkness, humidity and dryness, Good and evil. A man is the constituent of Universe. For this reason, a man is a dual informative creature – Co Creator and Opponent in one person!
Want to sharpen attention of readers on an extraordinarily im­portant circumstance: A man is the unique creature from all of living creatures on a planet Earth (plants, animals) which is a creature informative! What does mean – informative? Rich in content information, which fills the bodies of man forms, will realize, and materialize Words – acts – life of man!

Clean, Creative, Light information forms the Clean, Crea­tive, Light informative creature of man – Co-Creator of Projects of Creator!
Impure, destructive, dirty information forms an impure, destructive, dirty informative creature – Opponent of Projects of Creator!
Once again, want to mark that in (!) everybody combined two antagonism informative creatures are Co-Creator and Opponent!
Why one informative creature of -chistu, Creative, it was named Light Co Creator, I think, majorities to the readers clearly is a creature which goes by way of Study – Creation – Perfection in obedience to Projects of Creator of Universe.

And why dual informative creature of -nechistu, destructive, was dirty named Opponent of Projects of Creator? And because by a task, purpose, the purpose of this informative creature is counteraction Projects of Creator of Universe.

Between these by two informative creatures – constantly a competition proceeds antagonists. Each of these creatures-anta­gonists wants to become a winner.
These creatures are absolutely different – as a day and night, light and darkness, as warmly and cold, as a top and abyss, as love and hatred, as a true and lie, as perfection and unpro­fitableness.
Will remind readers that these creatures are informative, and information, as known, is initiator, forms, will realize, mate­rialize all of events, objects, subjects in Universe! Information is determining in Universe! Information is basis of Unique Informative Field of Study – Creation – Perfection – Creator of Universe! And the basic task of Creator Universe is reali­zation of process of Study – Creation – Perfection! In each of these informative creatures absolutely different: it is a purpose it is an instrument of realization are ways of realization.

Co-Creator of Projects of Creator (an informative creature is Clean, Creative, Light):
1. A purpose is Perfection;
2.An instrument is Creation;
3. A way is Study.

Opponent of Projects of Creator (an informative creature is impure, destructive, and dirty):
1. A purpose is degradation, elimination;
2. An instrument is destruction;
3. A way is counteraction of Project Creator.

Ideas, Words, acts of man, are the engines of Initiator are Rea­sons – Realization – Materializations
– purpose
– to the instrument
– to the way of Co-Creator and Opponent. Initiator – Forming – realization of process of Study – Creation – Perfection takes a place due to the competition of Co-Creator and Opponent of Projects of Creator.
An informative competition between two informative creatures of man – Co-Creator and Opponent determines possibility or inability of man to go of Study – Creative -Perfection.
Informative maintenance of creature of Opponent of eve­rybody is the starting mechanism of process of Testing of this man on accordance to Rules of Creator.

The constituent of control mechanism at the level of physical flesh after the size of volume of Light and informative dirt of everybody is a level of amount of viruses in blood of physical body of man (what are especially informative agents).
To what exactly viruses? The elementary particle of physical flesh of man, which forms and will realize the vital functions of physical body of man is a cell. The vital functions of any cell of man, as well as any liv­ing creature, are carried out Informative Matrix of cell which is formed and realized due to direct guidance from the side of Informative Matrix of the soul.
Transport informative transmitters at the level of physical body are viruses. Just like this, a virus is an informative transmitter the task of which is a receipt of information through informa­tive outsourcings and transmission of it on Informative Ma­trix of cell.
What is information, which is passed by a virus needed for, to the cell of man? In order that a man had a right on life! Axiom: only and a living creature has a right on the present time and future, which is able dynamically to change in ac­cordance with the dynamic changes of the outer world!
Will remind to readers that from 1999 year of dynamics of changes on a planet Earth to speed up an order – no less than in 10 times! It means that for time unit on Earth takes a place in 10 times greater amount of events!

Becomes clear, why hourly on Planet disappear from 6 to 7 (!) types of living creatures – they want stability (!) and they are helpless dynamically to change, Perfected!
If living creatures are helpless dynamically to change, they are doomed to the extinction!

Scientists – researchers discovered that the cell of man contained DNA – deoxyribonucleic acid in which Informative Matrix is as genetic Codonums, 1, 5 % what are determined by forming of structure of human physical body. In addition, other part – 98, 5% Informative Matrix of DNA of cells of man determines forming and materialization more than 1500 (!!!) types of viruses, bacte­ria. What does it mean? That a human organism will realize and materialize for the necessities viruses and bacteria!!! Ma­terialize viruses and bacteria, which need a man for life!

Example: Informative Matrix of cell of man forms, will realize materialize saprophyte bacteria of bowels – collibacillus, bifidum are bacteria, lakto-bacterium setting of which is digestion of meal in the organism of man. It is known that on-the-spot mucus shell of thick bowels man by an area no more than 1 sm there are a few milliards (!) of such bacteria. Human cell, which materialize bacteria and viruses, on the external shell, contains a great number – thousands of receptors for co-operating with the same viruses, which carry out Role of a transport informative transmitter. Will explain: a virus is able to get to the cell and pass information about the dynamic changes of external environment only on condition of pres­ence on the spot of cell of receptor – „lock” which answers a viral receptor -„key”.
A cell such receptors absent in which is doomed to rapid death, because it is not able to obtain information about the changes of external environment through natural of trans­port informative transmitters – viruses and to change the structure in accordance with the changes of external envi­ronment.

Example 1.
Yesterday the winter came in the settlement of Levkivci: the first wet snow fallen out, the temperature of air went down to + 20 on Celsius, wind became sharp, cold and moist. Most habitants of settlement began to cough, appeared cold, tears, the temperature of body rose to 38-38,50C. Doctors named this „illness” flu and recommended remedies.

What in fact did take a place in the physical flesh of Levkiv-cian?
1. In connection with the necessity of urgent adaptation of Spirit – Soul – flesh habitant of vil. Levkivci Informa­tive Matrix of the soul „gives out an order”: форму -вання-реалізація-матеріалізація of man a cell in the necessary amount of informative transmitters – viruses (their scientists named the human virus of flu).

2. Viruses read the informative parameters of external envi­ronment (temperature of air, humidity, speed of wind, concentration of gases in mid air is oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide et al, and more main(!) all -informaciynu constituent of air front which will realize the winter).

3. Viruses are informative transmitters by co-operation of the receptors from to the receptors of other cells of physical flesh after a chart „key-lock” cells enter through a shell in­ward.

4. Virus- informative transmitter passes vitally important information on RNK of cell.
Exactly due to this action of correcting Informative Matrix of cell changes structure and function of it, structure and functions of all of organism of habitant of village Levkivci in accordance with the changes of external environment!

What does speed of adaptation (dynamic adapta­tion) depend on to the changes of environment? From what does depend, how traditional doctors talk, speed of „convales-cence from a viral disease”?

Answer: From possibility of cell dynamically to Study – to Create – Improve! Namely:
1. To synthesize a necessary virus.
2. To form on the spot the cells specific receptors – „locks”, it is necessary for co-operating with a virus.
3. To create Informative Matrix of cell which is able dy­namically to change the parameters?
Evolving cell – it and, which due to forming on the spot of the shell of receptors is able to co-operate with informative transmitters – viruses, getting vitally important information quickly, harmoniously to change in accordance with the changes of climatic and informative environment – Perfected! If a man has such possibility – adaptation takes a place for the counted hours. If is – 5-7-10 and more than days disturbs a cold, tears, cough, high temperature of body et cetera In the case of insolvency of cell of physical flesh of man:
1. Materialize the own informative transmitter is a virus.
2. To form on-the-spot the shells of the cell of vital necessary informative receptors plenty of informative transmitters begins in blood of man and intercellular liquid to circulate -viruses which name cyto-mega-virus or by the virus of papilloma or virus of herpes et cetera, they are not able to get to the cell and unable to pass important information vitally. Cell, not getting necessary information, helpless to adjust to the changes of environment. Hereupon there is de­struction of cell, organ, and integral organism.

What is able to create Informative Matrix of man which will provide forming – realization-materialization of own informative transmitters – viruses, informative receptors on the shell of cell, and consequently, process of Study -Creation – Perfection?

The Living Word! The Living Word harmo­niously changes a structure and function of DNA, RNA of cell, and consequently, forms Informative Matrix, ca­pable dynamically to change a structure and function of cell in accordance with the dynamic changes of envi­ronment!
In addition, it should be remembered: a man is able to change – Perfected on condition of aspiration and reali­zation:
1. Cognition of Rules of Creator;
2. Implementation of Rules of Creator is in everyday life;
3. Permanent Light Unity with Creator by The Living Word! Exactly these three terms of the harmonious dwelling pro­vide the process of Evolution of Spirit, soul, flesh of Man!

What does take a place, when a man is helpless to Study (to get Veritable knowledge), to Create (to form the new har­monious Worlds), Perfected (to develop spiritually, heart­felt, physically)?

1 The certain informative segments of Spirit of man are blocked.
2. The proper informative segments of the soul of man are blocked
3. The proper power centers of man are blocked
4. The proper segments of physical body are blocked thrown away an opportunity to perceive information through in­formative transmitters cell – viruses the amount of cir­culatory in blood viruses is increased, what helpless to get to the cell of man, to pass important information, neces­sary for adaptation of man to the dynamic changes of en­vironment there is violation of functions of cells of cer­tain organs there is destruction of structure of these or­gans on reason of insolvency of physical body to change, Perfected.

1. Arises up;
2. Formed;
3. Realized;
4. A chronic destructive disease materializes.
What materialize Creator a chronic destructive disease for in the bodies of Violator of Rules of Creator?
For stop the process of destruction of Spirit – constituent of Unique Informative Field of Study – Creation – Perfection! For the sake of maintenance of integrity of Spirit and soul, there is destruction of physical body!

§ 2

Truth: An universe is created Creator to perfection! Planet Earth and human association is a constituent of Un­iverse, that is why and they are created to perfection!
Co-Creator of Projects of Creator acknowledges this Truth – it is created the world to perfection. Co-Creator moves of Study – Creation – Perfection. Man from the world of Events and Sun world reason of origin of any conflict with surrounding creatures, searches planetary objects in main­tenance the opinions, words, acts. It understands that events, which are formed and realized on its vital way, are only a reflection volume of Light or volume of informative dirt of its bodies, which was formed by a man by the opinions, words, acts. Such Man above all things works above the Perfection. Such Man plays the role of Co-Creator. Man from the world Unprofitable and world of Problems with surrounding creatures and planetary objects will search reason of origin of any conflict in surrounding people, living creatures, earthly cataclysms, but nowise in itself. Such man will try to change outward things – to chop off something, sew down something, cut off something, and sew something. Such man considers that it is created the world imperfect and he needs to be constantly changed under the necessities, ignoring necessities those, who uses in quality raw material. Such man plays the role of Opponent of Projects of Creator. Axiom: there is not a single living creature – man that on 100% would be gap-filling Light (100% Co-Creator ). There is not a single living creature, which on 100 % it was gap-filling informative impurities (100% Opponent of Projects of Creator). Any living creature which on 100% is filled with rich in content information only of one informative creature -antagonist, halts it existence is incarnate!!! Light and dirt is dual it is necessary to each other for realiza­tion process of Study – Creation – Improvement. Informative dirt is stimulator motion of man by way of Study – Creation -Perfection subject to the condition of filling of human bodies by Light by volume of more than 50%!
In the days of dwelling of Jesus most acknowledged on territory of the Arabian Peninsula, that Jerusalem was ancient Aramaic language. In addition, as did a word „opponent” sound by an an­cient Aramaic language. „Satan”. So does Satan mean a word? Opponent Plans of Creator!
In an order to have clear imagination about the informa­tive creatures of antagonists – Co-Creator and Opponent, which are the constituent (!!!) of everybody, I want to give comparative description of these creatures – antagonists:

Co-Creator of Projects of Creator

An informative crea­ture
(Clean, Creative, Light)
is the Characte­ristic signs
(typical Ukrainian is ,,good”)

1 . Study – Perfection.
Life is By dynamic Study – Perfection.
Light Knowledge
is a Force Creator of Universe!
2. Creation – Perfection,
life ByCreation- triune of Perfection of Spirit – Soul – flesh
is Creation of the new harmonious Worlds!
It is motion of Follower of Projects of Creator!

3. Firmness is to temptations. Firmness is to any temptations:
– the physical world, -the heartfelt world,
– pseudo spiritual level.
Implementation of Rule of Golden Mean is firmness to any temptations!

4. Personal responsibility.
Per­sonal responsibility for main­tenance it:
– ideas,
– words,
– acts are requirement the Creator of Universe!

5. Veracity.
Veracity, sincerity in the world:
 -to material, 
-to heartfelt,
– to Spiritual is the constituent of Informative Paul Creator!

6. Industriousness. Industrious-ness, purposefulness in the world:
-to material,
– to heartfelt,
– to Spiritual is the constituent of process of Perfection.

7. Self-sustainability.
– physical,
– heartfelt,
– Spiritual.
Rules of self-sustainability:
1. Perform that business that love, with gladness.
2. Keep with the like-minded persons (your Light level).
3. Constantly to improve health by the Living Word!
8. Useful garden-stuffs of vital functions.
Forming of useful garden-stuffs of Creation
on your own and for the represent­atives of human association.
9. Gratitude.
Gratitude to Creator for possibility to pass the duty stage
of Study -Creation – Perfection.
Gratitude to the people, ani­mals, plants, Sun, Earth for useful co-operation.
10. Love is to the fellow crea­ture.
It is possibility to grant Light (warmly the souls, finan­cial help, and sympathy)
de­serving, which is able to esti­mate love, thank those.
11. Observance of hygiene of feed.
Informatively food safety.
Refuse to use destructive products.

12. Will.
Will, Study, religion,
labor, rest, idea, Word, act.
13. Bravery.
Bravery is possibility to defend oneself,
native, the Nation from enemies – destructors.

14. Honor and conscience.
Honest ideas, Words, acts, form the pas, 
the present time; the future is Eternity of Man!

15. Cleanness and Light of the bodies.
Maintenance of the bodies is in a state of Cleanness and Light
due to the regular wiring for the sound of texts of Living Word.

Opponent Plans of Creator

An informative crea­ture
(impure, destruc­tive, dіrty)
is the Cha­racteristic signs
(typi­cal Ukrainian is „evil”)

1 . Lack of education.
Absence of knowledge,
or receipt only knowledge,
necessary for intro­duction process
of destruction, degradation.

2. Destruction.
Counteraction Creation by introduction of destruction,
conflicts, oppositions, fight,
aspiration to the fellow creature sufferings, pains.

3. Vanity.
Thoughtless aspiration of power, financial riches, glory.
Infinite pleasure of the physical, heartfelt world,
pseudo spiritual level garden-stuffs.

4. Irresponsibility.
Avoidance of the personal responsіbility – irresponsibility.
Collective pseudo responsi bility.

5. Falsity.
6. Lazyism.
Unwillingness to work Weakness:
– spiritual
– heartfelt
– physical.

7. Dependence.
Parasitizing is on stranger labor, evil – action.
– It is Co-operation at the level of the Unprofitable world
(more than 70% personal time). –
It is Concentration of attention on diseases
(more than 70% personal time).
A concentration of attention is on conflicts, fight, and opposition
(more than 70% personal time).

8. Destructive garden-stuffs of vital functions,
sterileness of Forming of destructive impure,
dirty garden-stuffs.

9. Neglect.
– Rancour,
– hostility,
– desire of revenge.
– Envy,
– offense.

10. Egoism.
– It is Intolerance to the stranger idea, word, and act.
– Pseudo love
– use a fellow creature in the useful aims.
– Self-admiration.

11. Violation of hygiene of feed.
Thoughtless contamination of the bodies
physically, chemi­cally, informatively by poison­ous products:
– by meat,
– by an alcohol,
– smoking,
– by narcotic matters.

12. Slavery, serfdom:
– physical,
– heartfelt,
– pseudo spiritual.
– Zombiing,
– fanaticism.

13. Cowardice.
– Fear.
– flabby (invertebrate).
– It is Aspiration of permanent rest, stability.

14. Ignominy. Unscrupulous­ness,
unscrupulousness, which form
short doubtful the present time only!

15. Informative evil spirits, dirt of bodies.
An accumulation of informative dirt
is in the bodies
due to the thoughtless use of impure, destructive,
dirty infor­mation generators.

In connection with that everybody is a dual creature – consists of two informative istot- antagonists – Co-Creator and Op­ponent, in one man can be combined a few from fifteen oppo­site informative direction of characteristic signs.

For example: 14 characteristic signs of Co-Creator and one cha­racteristic sign of Opponent.

For example: 9 characteristic signs of Co-Creator and 6 characte­ristic signs of Opponent.
elonging of man to one of the 4th informatively financial worlds is determined the total volume of Light and total vo­lume of informative dirt of human bodies. The characteristic signs of Co-Creator determine possibility of filling of human bodies Light. The characteristic signs of Opponent determine possibility of filling of human bodies in­formative dirt – impurities.

Once again, want to sharpen attention: there is not a single living creature on a planet Earth and in Universe, which on 100% would be gap-filling Light or on 100% would be satu­rated informative dirt. Necessarily, wherein Light, dirt is present too. Necessarily, wherein there is dirt, present Light! Neither one living creature on a planet Earth cannot infi­nitely long time be 99,9% Co-Creator nor one living creature can infinitely long time be on by a 99,9% Opponent!

Any man lives in Unique Informative Paul Teaching is Creation – Perfection and surrounding information changes human essence every second, or increasing the volume of information of Co-Creator , or increasing the volume of information of Opponent in human bodies.
However, and it is major, a man which owns foregoing knowledge is well off after the desire to change the essence -or higher to Light of –

Co-Creator , or deeper to the impuri­ties is Opponent!

Characteristic signs as Co-Creator so Opponent of Projects of Creator formed through a Thought – Word – Act. For example, actor game on the theatrical stage of one of roles Impure, will say from a story Michael Bulgakov „Master and Margaret” is partly carried in the real ribbon of life of actor. The audience of the theatrical and vital real action is surprised: „Such young and so early went away from life!” Such phrases can sound only from the mouths of people, which do not own elementary knowledge of Rules of Creator. Role on the theatrical stage and in the real life flows in those 4-ri successive the stages of process Study – Creation – Perfection! A theater and life – it at the same action practi­cally!

A role of Opponent of Projects of Creator is destruction, un­profitableness, degradation of circumferential and man which represents Opponent of Projects of Creator!
What does it follow to expect in life of man that represents the characteristic signs of Opponent of Projects of Creator?
An answer is obvious is destruction, unprofitableness, de­gradation, premature loss of health!

What does speed of realization of destructive action de­pend on?
See Rule of Golden Middle. In addition, shortly -from duration and quality of „actor game”.
Is there defense for an actor from the destructive conse­quences of reflection of role of Opponent of Projects of Crea­tor?
Answer: So are the special protective Matrices of The Liv­ing Word!
Certainly, it should be remembered that forming in itself of characteristic signs of Opponent causes destruction of bo­dies, personal ribbon of life, and premature loss of physical body. Good sense prompts, that to live Role of Co-Creator better and usefully! A role of Co-Creator is successful present time and future!
At this condition, actually, a man becomes Co-Creator of the successful fate!
Instrument forming of the Light and accordingly Co-Crea­tor is the Living Word!

§ з

1. The table of contents of ideas, Words, acts of man forms the volume of Light or volume of informative dirt in human bodies.
Will remind readers, that informative Light and informative dirt in the bodies of man form an idea is Word-act. Light form Clean, Creative, Light Thought – Word – Act. Informa­tive dirt is formed evil spirits, destructive, dirty ideas, words, acts. Most effective filler by Light of human bodies – The Living Words. The Living Word Creates Life!

2. The informative volume of Light and dirt of human bodies disposes a man in one of four informatively – the material worlds:
or the world Unprofitable; or the world Problem; or the world of Events; or the world of Sun. Will remind readers, that:
1. In the world to Unprofitable a man is for terms, when its bodies are gap filling more than on 70 % by informa­tive dirt – from 70% to 99, 9%. The volume of Light is small – from 30% to 0, 1%. Actually, an impure, de­structive, dirty creature – Opponent prevails for a man.
2.In the world there is a man Problem for terms, when a volume of informative impurities in bodies is scope from 50% to 70%. Volume of Light, accordingly, from 50% to 30%. Again, for such man a creature prevails Op­ponent of Projects of Creator.

3. In the world of Events there is a man for which the vo­lume of informative Light makes from 50% to 70%.
Accordingly, less volume, from 50% to 30% in bodies such a man makes informative dirt. In this man, a crea­ture prevails Co-Creator. 4. In the world there is a man for which bodies more than on 70% gap-filling Light Sun – the volume of Light makes from 70 to 99,9%. For such man informative dirt makes, accordingly, a wretched volume – from 30% to 0, 1%. For such man a creature prevails Co-Creator. Why these worlds are named the informatively finan­cial worlds?
Because they are formed due to the informative filling of human bodies or Light or dirt.

Where are these informatively financial worlds?

On a planet Earth, among a human association. In one settlement which is folded no more than from four sepa­rately located houses can live four families in four differ­ent informatively financial worlds on condition that:
– in one of families the volume of informative Light will make from 70% to 99, 9%. (the world is Sun);
– in the second family the volume of informative Light will make from 50% to 70% (world of Events);
– in the third family the volume of informative dirt will make from 50% to 70% (the world is Problem).
– in fourth family the volume of informative dirt will make from 70% to 99, 9% (the world is Unprofitable).
It is theory. In addition, practically – more frequent in a settlement people live in one of the informatively finan­cial worlds.
Although the informatively financial worlds are the constitu­ent of human association in spaces of planet Earth Informa­tive Matrices each of these four informatively – the material worlds are on the informative levels of planet Earth. Not one of Informative Matrices each of the worlds non-overlapping, is not combined, all of them are located in parallel planes. These planes have the appearance of semi spheres, which shroud earth: Informative Matrix of the Unprofitable world is located at first informative level of planet Earth.
Informative Matrix of the Problem world to be at 2nd in­formative level of planet Earth.
Informative Matrix the world of Events to be at 3rd informa­tive level of the planet Earth.
Informative Matrix of the Sun world is on 4,5,6,7 informative levels of planet Earth.
Than higher informative level of planet Earth, the Cleaner, more Light Informative Matrix that is located there, the higher it on the stages of Spiritual Hierarchy! That pleasantly, it that is lately increased amount of human societies, which aim to live in the world of Events and even in the world to Sun! In addition, aim not simply, but cor­rect steps carry out for this purpose, will realize these aspirations, adhering to three principles of the harmo­nious dwelling:
1.Light Unity is with Creator due to reading, wiring for
the sound of The Living Word;
2.Study of Rules the Creator; 3.An observance Rules of Creator in everyday life!
Light Unity is with Creator due to reading, wiring for the sound of the Living Word;


Basic task with which Spirit is incarnated together with the soul in a physical flesh – to pass it an attendant is incarnate the stage of Study – Creation – Perfection in the conditions of planet Earth and human association, use an instrument -physical flesh for this purpose.

What chart will the process of Study – Creation-Perfection of man be realized after?

Let us nose after this action, beginning from the moment of completion of the duty incarnate stage of Study – Creation-Per­fection (farewell of Spirit-soul is with a physical flesh): A heart periodically began to give failures is arrhythmia; an amyocardia (sercevo-sudinna insufficiency) was entailed un­satisfactory satiation of cells of physical body by oxygen, nu­tritives.
Vital part organs began to suffer:
– insufficiency of blood circulation in the pool of vessels of cerebrum-entailed destruction of cerebral cells is so-called encefalopatiya;
– a parafunction buds resulted in unsatisfactory filtration and selection urine;
– hepatic, at first functional, and afterwards organic insuffi­ciency resulted in intoxication of organism. It is a process of senescence, which leads on the eventual stage to disqualification of flesh for a subsequent stay in him of Spirit-soul.
After farewell of Spirit and soul with a physical body the process of vital functions is halted in him, the process of de­struction of cells begins. Cells disintegrate on simple organic and inorganic matters. After disintegration, a physical body becomes the particle of matter of physical body of planet Earth. That Planet which at one time gave oligoelementss and water for intrauterine development of fetal and in future
– for the vital functions of physical body, what necessity of Spirit and soul of man for realization of the duty incarnate stage of Study is Creation – Perfection on a planet Earth. A physical body disintegrates, and Spirit and soul at this time work farther. One days are a term which the soul (thin body) must scan during, (to write down, to fix) all of information of the last embodiment of concrete Spirit in a chronologic order on Informative Matrix of the soul. Information of the past vital way is written down; the key, prominent moments of life from time of birth are selected in fat” a letter to physical death. Soul one day is next to a physical body.

Examination Commission of Creator analyses next thirty-nine days estimates all of vital way during the last embodiment.
Each it is an act – action; it is Word-phrase; it is an idea – thought-form estimated in obedience to Rules of Creator.
If man inhabited, adhering to Rules of Creator, it multiply the volume of Light of the Informative Matrix of the soul. If acted against

Rules of Creator – a man multiply the volume of informative dirt. Upon completion of examination session, in accordance with the got examination estimations the general volume of Light and volume of dirt of Informative Matrix of the soul is deter­mined and the stage on which the soul well-off will be to pro­long the subsequent process of Study – Creation of -improvement is determined (Evolutions).
Stage for the soul which halted the stage of embodiment – it one of twelve sublevels of seven informative levels of Earth. Otherwise speaking, it one of 84 sublevels on which able in future to prolong the process of Evolution the soul, but already without a physical body.

Than a man in the bodies in the process of dwelling loaded greater volume of dirt, the lower stage is occupied by the soul, nearer to the world destructive.

Than a man produced greater volume of Light during embo­diment, the higher stage in Hierarchy occupies the soul; the best terms for subsequent Study are Creation – Perfection.

After a fortieth day from the moment of death of physical flesh and output of the soul – Spirit outside a physical body, the soul takes a place on one of sublevels of Planet, where it continues the process of Study – Creation – Perfection.
Spirit during these to forty days passes an examination session on the Fiery Fields of Creator.

The new stage of Study begins farther – Creation is Per­fection of Spirit and soul, but without a physical body.
Through set time, Creator determines, whether there is a re­quirement in next embodiment of Concrete Spirit within the limits of planet Earth, in the conditions of human association. If Spirit and soul get permission of next reincarnation, there is a search of parents that at this time live, as essences (people) are incarnate on a planet Earth. The search of father and mother can take a place only among people, the volume of Light of which on this time answers the volume of Light of the soul and Spirit that embodiments require. If volume of Light of the soul and Spirit, which at this time are on the thin-planed levels of Earth and Fiery Fields Creator high, embodi­ment takes a place in Light, clean, harmonious family. If the level of Light of Spirit and soul is low, and the level of dirt is large, the soul is incarnated in unfavorable domestic terms:
– financial difficulty;
– permanent conflict situations;
– drunkenness, smoking;
– low level of education, education, culture of parents. It follows to memorize important truth:
previous embodiment could be given out in understanding of the world physical (material) is a financial magnate, king, tsar, princess, multimillionaire, but illegal life (permanent viola­tion of Rules of Creator) brings to destruction of Spirit and soul of man next embodiment over must be in difficult unfa­vorable terms, including materially unfavorable, unprofita­ble.

* Beginning of the duty stage of Perfection of Spirit is in quality Incarnate Essence (man).
If is founded the family the Light volume father and to have, there is conception of child – new Incarnate Essence. In the moment of impregnation Informative Matrix of paternal DNA (a transmitter are spermatozoa), Informative Matrix of maternal DNA (a transmitter is an ovule) and Informative Matrix of Spirit, soul of new Incarnate Essence, is combined. Exactly thus – by an informative association new Informative Matrix of incarnate living creature is created. Once again, want to mark that combination of informative Matrices of father, mother and future child is possible only on terms, when their volume of Light coincides. Farther is nine-month intra-uterine growth; farther are births and beginning of life of new incarnate essence in obedience to Informative Matrix of Spirit and soul.
The duty stage of Study begins from the moment of birth of man (embodiment of Spirit is the souls) – Creation is Per­fection in the conditions of planet Earth.

A child comes in the material world on a planet Earth. Each of cells of physical body of child gets information the transmitter of which is Informative Matrix of its soul. If in previous embo­diment a vital way was conflict, destructive, opposite Rules of Creator, in present embodiment, even from the moment of birth of child, information of destruction at once is carried on the level of cells of physical body of child. Heavy, destructive diseases can prove in the physical body of child even from the first birthdays.

All of Lessons, which are not mastered in previous embodi­ment, are fixed on Informative Matrix of the soul and they necessarily will be repeated in present embodiment, but more hardly, rudely. Such is a process of Study – Creation -Perfection (Evolutions).
Wrong Answer for Question is testing through:
– idea;
– Word;
– an act is realized – operate results in yet more rough repetition of the same vital situation. If a man does not understand, again operates against Rules of Creator, possible karmic strike: trauma, heavy disease, financial losses, destructive conflicts – material, heartfelt, And Spiritual.
In General, a process of physical, heartfelt, Spiritual Study is Creation – Perfection passes in the real life, as though theatrical action.

The creator of Universe is distribute Roles – someone carries out Role of father, someone mothers, someone child, someone grandchild, grandmother, grandfather. Everybody lives the certain real event only for:

1. A receipt of Question is Testing of – Checkout;

2. A grant Answer through thought-form is Word-act;

3. Estimation of the opinions – Words – act in accordance with Rules of Creator;

4. Receive Rewards or Punishments (Encouragement).

Interesting is a thing, that in a role of Teacher in the certain interval of time can come forward father for a child, and in other interval of time is a child for a father. In a certain situation to have can play the role of Student, and daughter – in a role of Teacher. Sometimes question – testing sounds the mouths of child, and answers must give parents. More frequent all Students; Teachers people play the role of from the nearest surroundings: to put, parents, grandfathers, babes, neighbors, employees, partners et cetera
Beginning from a moment birth and concluding sometimes farewell of Spirit and soul with a physical body and material world in concrete embodiment every Lesson of process of Study is Creation – Perfection of man passes on a planet Earth in a human association after a the same chart – in four stages:
1. A question is Testing
2. Answer
3. Estimation
4. Encouragement (reward or punishment).

1st stage – Question – Testing. Question – vital Testing is formed by Author – Pro­ducer (Creator) by the mouths of living transmitters, which carry out certain Role.
An event is on the vital ribbon of man in which it must accept direct participation, and is that Question – Testing. Exactly due to participating of man, a willingness or insolvency of it to live is determined in a concrete event, adhering to Rules of Creator.
Events on a vital ribbon can be small, insignificant, and can be sharp, bright. Events can be low or high, volume or barely visi­ble. All depends on strength of Mind of concrete Man (to the volume of Light of its Spirit). For everybody Creator forms such Testing – Test which a man is able to manage only.
Ex­amples of events:

Event 1 is meeting of Vasiliy with classmates in 10 years upon termination of general school;
it is meeting of Vasiliy in TV debates in quality a can­didate in deputies with political opponents in the period of hustings.

Event 2 is meeting of son-student Ivan with parents;
it is meeting of Ivan with business competitors in con­nection with the necessity of redistribution of spheres of eco­nomic influence.

Event 3 is a journey of Svetlana with friends for rest on the South bank of Crimea;
it is a journey of Svetlana in quality the student of higher educational establishment on an examination session; Event 4 is a journey of Vitaly in quality a participant on sport­ing competitions from track-and-field;
It is a journey of Vitaly on front in quality the de­fender of Fatherland – member of the military forming (times of Second World War).
All of the above-mentioned examples of events which are Question – Testing differ from each other not only the emotional coloring, and also and by the degree of responsi­bility, degree of psychologically physical tension, risk degree for a health and personal life.

2-nd stage – Answer. Student forms (man – essence which passes Testing is incar­nate).
An answer is formed through an idea, Word, realized action – act by participating in an event.

It follows to remind readers, that any Event is formed and flow in 4 successive stages:
the 1st stage – Initiator (Initial) by forming of Event through opinion of -misleformu
the 2nd stage – Reason (Fundamental) by wiring for the sound of Event by Word
the 3rd stage – Process (Realization) by realization of Event by an act – action
4th stage – Investigation (Materialization) of forming of Event is in a complete bloom-beauty due to completion of the previous 3rd stages.

How is it necessary to operate, to realize Event?
1. Think up (to mull over);
2. To wire for a sound (for itself a project is planned);
3. To realize (step by step to carry out in the real measuring in obedience to the planned project);
4. Materialize (to get pleasure or trouble from the realized event).

Event 1
Meeting of Vasiliy in TV debates in quality a candidate in deputies with political opponents in the period of electoral company.
1. variant of Answer – promises of increase of average monthly pay-envelopes and pensions to the citizens of Ukraine on 100% during a calendar year. It is a barefaced lie (by the cost of lie).
2. variants of Answer – sincerely to confess, that a 100% growth of pensions and pay-envelopes is possible only on condition of inflation – when during the calendar year of price on the commodities of daily necessity will grow on 200%. In the normal economic terms of growth of pensions and pay-en­velopes coincides with the increase of gross national product
and can be within the limits of 6 – 20%.

Event 2
Meeting of Ivan is with business competitors in connection with the necessity of redistribution of spheres of economic in­fluence.
1. variant of Answer – way of deception, love affairs, subornation, illegal violent enthrallment of stranger prop­erty.
2. variants of Answer – the right of ownership is acknowl­edged only on property, begun to work the labor, labor of the business command.

Event 3
A journey of Svetlana is in quality the student of educa­tional establishment on an examination session.
1. variant of Answer – ignoring of necessity of Study, re­ceipt of new knowledge, handing over of examinations is by subornation of teacher – examiner (in the material world such is possible).
2. variants of Answer are persistent Study, preparation to examination examination, understanding of that truth, that, than cognize anymore, the occupy the higher stage.

Event 4
A journey of Vitaly is on front in quality the defender of Fa­therland – member of the military forming (times of Second
World War).
1 variant of Answer – all the efforts to point at arranging in safe rearward subsections, at any cost to save the physical life, even by ignoring of necessity of protecting from the enemies of the compatriots – native, near, comrades, friends.

2. variants of Answer are all of efforts to aim at the preparation – Study in quality a warrior – defender and decisive defense of Fatherland from invaders; it is desirable with the mainten­ance of the life.
In the above-mentioned examples, 1st variants of Answers are examples of counteraction Rules of Creator, which result in the accumulation of informative dirt in human bodies and realization of destruction. It is a way of Opponent of Projects of Creator.
2nd variants of Answers are examples of observance of Rules of Creator, which give filling of human bodies Light and realization of process of Evolution. It is a way of Co-Creator.
Lesson of process of Study passes just like this – Creation is Perfection – by participating of man in concrete Event through forming of thought-form, wiring for the sound of Words and realization of the realized actions – acts in con­crete Event.

Taking part in Event – Testing, everybody has a lot of va­riants of answers, but all of them are inferior 3rd catego­ries:
1. An answer is with the observance of Rules of Creator.
2. Answer – counteraction Rules of Creator.
3. Refuse to take part in Testing. What does it mean – refuse?

It absence of Answer is neither an observance nor counte­raction Rules of Creator. A man renounces any rank to deter­mine the position. Such man always „swims” on stream of any river – or clean or impure.
It is a category of people which for the sake of maintenance of the physical existence are ready to serve somebody – to Light or impure.
It is a category those, who hears the confession philosophy „it doesn’t touch me”, is the category of weak-willed! To determine an unwillingness the position in concrete Event – Testing, to operate after Rules of or against, unwillingness to go by tests and errors, actual refuse to take part in Testing – this is the way of counteraction Creator, counte­raction the process of Evolution of man, it is a way of de­struction, it is a way of Opponent to Projects of Creator!

Becomes clear, why people, what helpless to define the po­sition in important political events, actually counteracts Rules of Creator, helpless to be at leisure, strong, self-sufficient, successful!
3rd stage is Estimation.
Analyses, Author – Producer estimates (Creator).
Possibility or inability of man to operate in obedience to Rules of Creator is determined.
If a man thinks, wires for a sound Words, will realize the acts – adhering to the action Rules of Creator is estimation positive (Co-Creator ).
If a man thinks, wires for a sound Words, will realize the acts – to acting against Rules of Creator is an estimation negative (Opponent).

* That most interestingly, there is not Earth on a planet, in a human association
– any act of -dii;
– any wired for a sound Word;
– any personal opinion
what would be secret for Creator!!!

In other words, it is impossible in the conditions of Un­iverse to carry out any action, wire for a sound any Word or think over (to form thught-form), which would not know Creator. Any information as an idea, Word, realized action instantly becomes known Creator!!!
Light, Clean, Creative idea – Word is an act is an action – in reply on the vital way a man gets the same materialized creative event.
Dirty, destructive, impure idea – word is an act is an action -a man gets the same destructive event on the vital way. In
addition, it does not cost soothe itself an illusion, that it is possible to be hidden, to ward off a destructive karma blow since began to inflict pain and destruction the fellow creature. Hierarchy of Spirit, which is the Creator = to unique In­formative Paul Teaching –

Creation is Perfection, works ex­pressly, quickly, in obedience to Rules of Creator!

Form Light – get Creation! Accumulate dirt – get destruction! A Creator always cares of the integrity and Perfection and exactly pushes on this account, dissolves, liquidates any de­structive, dirty information!
Any informative dirt, borne a man in the bosom of Creator, is the element of destruction of Spirit of Creator. Informative dirt is an element of degradation, destruction, and involution. Exactly on this account, any informative dirt is pushed, worn away, dissolves Creator and his Followers. Informative dirt is factor of motivation, by the stimulus of Movement by Evolution! Light and dirt are incompatible!

The maintenance of integrity of Spirit is possible only by the increase of volume of Light, and, Of Study, Creation, Per­fection (Evolutions). Way of Evolution:
1. Filling of the bodies by Light due to which Light Unity will be realized with Creator. Instrument – The Living Words.
2. Cognition of Rules of Creator. 3.Implementation Rules of Creator.
4-th stage is Encouragement (rewarding or punishment). Producer encourages – Author rewards or punishes –

If Answer coincides with Rules of Creator is estimation positive, the volume of Light of man is increased, more fa­vorable terms are created for subsequent Evolution.
If Answer contrary of the Rules of Creator – the volume of informative dirt accumulates, the unfavorable are created, more hard terms dwellings which must urge on a man to move by way of Evolution.
If answer contrary of Rules of Creator, situation necessarily through set time repeats oneself, but repeats oneself in more rough form.
Than more Answers coincide with Rules of Creator, the greater volume of Light, higher stage, nearer Man to the world Sun.
Than more Answers contrary of Rules of Creator, the less volume of Light, lower stage, absorption of man by the world Unprofitable.
Existence in the Unprofitable world is a permanent fight for the hunk of bread, habitation, dressed; it is permanent con­flicts, destruction… Time of farewell of the soul is accelerated with a physical body. If a man in general is unable to go Of Study – Creation is Per­fection – Spirit, soul leaves a physical body, and next reincar­nations (reincarnation) halted!

1. A man is by triune or (a spirit a -soul – flesh) or one in
two informative (soul-flesh) Essence. Due to that its constituent is Spirit and soul, time of life of man is measured hundreds -thousands of years (an amount of embodiments of Spirit – soul in a flesh is indi­vidual – for someone hundreds, someone has 1 or 2 embo­diment).

2. A spirit is the constituent of concrete man and simulta­neously is the property of Creator of Universe. A creator gives Spirit Man in lease for realization of the successive stages of Study – Creation – Perfection.
A spirit provides the viable soul and flesh.
Time of existence of Spirit is Eternity!

3. The soul is informative Matrix of man, which deter­mines the vital functions of all of cells of flesh and connec­tion of Man by Creator of Universe.
Time of existence of the soul is determined the amount of embodiments, necessary a man, to pass all of the stages of Study – Creation – Perfection in the conditions of planet Earth.
These can be thousands of years, and can be 300 years.

4. A flesh of man are cells, fabrics, cut, planets formed from matters Earth and given Planet of the Spirit -dushi man for realization of the duty incarnate stage of Evolu­tion.
Time of existence of flesh is one embodiment (on the av­erage 50-80 years).

5. Actually and practically a man who cares of the success­ful Triune Perfection goes up on the Stages of Hierarchy of Spirit, Eternity lives, because Spirit (constituent of Crea­tor of Universe) becomes its property!!!

6. Man, as any constituent of Universe is a dual informa­tive creature – in 2 combined antagonism informative crea­tures are Co-Creator and Opponent Plans of Creator.

7. The basic task of Creator Universe is realization of process of Evolution of Spirit (process of Study -Creation -Perfection)
Co-Creator and Opponent of Projects of Creator play the role of Thesis and Antithesis on attitude toward each other. Wherein one of antagonists absents, the process of Study – Creation – Perfection is halted! Duality existence of both antagonists is the obligatory condition of realization of process of Evolution of Spirit! Initiator – Forming of -realizaciya process of Study -Creation of – improvement takes a place due to counte­raction of Co-Creator and Opponent of Projects of Creator.

8. Universe, and accordingly, planet Earth and man are created to perfection.
Our task:
– to support permanent Light connection with Creator of Universe;
– to cognize and study Rules of Creator;
– to execute Rules of Creator every day, constantly.
To examine any vital events from positions accordance of the opinions – Words to -vchinkiv Rules of Creator of Un­iverse.

9. A man is an informative creature.
A man – as though a radio receiver which can work only in the certain range of radio frequencies – neither higher nor below!
The range of ideas, words, acts of man determines main­tenance of information which daily, hourly fills human bodies through MASS-MEDIA (body, radio, printing facilities), through the use of meal, drinking-water, different drinks.
The range of informative frequencies of man can be put into informative deep dirty, destructive, impure pit due to wiring for a sound, video show – to information of fear, violence, illnesses, envies, revenge, armed collisions, financial losses, disappointment, sufferings of so-on
It can heave up the range of informative frequencies of man to Light, Cleanness, to Creation due to reading – wiring for the sound of The Living Word, cognition of Rules of Creator, motion by way of Triune Perfection.
Obviously 2nd variant, a variant of Light is more interest­ing!
On condition of realization of 2nd variant – filling with Light of human bodies, ideas, words, acts and, accordingly, lives of man, becomes successful, harmonious, and Light!

10. In an order to be successful, creative, Light, it follows to know, to remember, constantly to adhere to the 15-ti basic characteristic signs of Co-Creator:

1. Study of – improvement.
2. Creation-Perfection.
3. Firmness is to temptations.
4. Personal responsibility.
5. Veracity.
6. Industriousness.
7. Self-sustainability.
8. Useful yield of vital functions.
9. Gratitude.
10. Love is to near.
11. Observance of hygiene of feed.
12. Will.
13. Bravery.
14. Honor and conscience.
15. Cleanness, Light the bodies.

To prevent the origin of the unprofitable destructive state, it follows to know, to remember and beware 15 basic characte­ristic signs of Opponent:
1.Lack of education.
8.Destructive yield of vital functions, fruitlessness.
11.Violation of hygiene of feed.
12.Serfdom, slavery.
15.Informative evil spirits, dirt of bodies.

11. A process of Study – Creation is Perfection of Spirit boundless and eternal in Universe!

12. Duty embodiment of man on a planet Earth is one of the duty stages of permanent dynamic Study – Creation – Perfection of Spirit, soul and flesh.

13. From a moment birth of Triune Incarnate Creative Essence to the article of biological death man daily, hourly, the course of Study – Creation – Perfection passes every minute.
Every Event, which a man takes part in, is Test on ac­cordance to Rules of Creator! For every idea, Word, realized action – act a man carries the complete personal responsibility before Creator of Universe in obedience to Rules of Study – Creation-Perfection!

14. Every living creature which lives within the limits of Universe is under intent, permanent, alerts Eye of Crea­tor. Every motion, Word, idea, is read, analyzed, esti­mated. For what is it? Why?
Because every living creature, regardless of the aware­ness, understanding, desire every minute, every second, the process of Study passes every second – Creation is Perfection, forms the pas, the present time, future. Exactly with contents idea, Words, realized action and acts Creator estimates of a man.
Estimates, and in accordance with Rule of cause-effect relation reacts!!!

15. Every Lesson of Study – Creation – Perfection passes in 4 successive the stages:
1. A question is testing> 2. Answer >3. Estimation >4.Encouragement (reward or punishment).
By the result of every Lesson of Study – Creation – Per­fection is filling of human bodies by Light or informa­tive dirt. Accordingly, Man, gap-filling Light, walks up the stage higher to the world Sun. Man, gap-filling in­formative dirt, on the stages goes down in the world Unprofitable.

16. By the basic task of Man as Incarnate Creative Es­sence is:
1. Maintenance of the Light Unity is with Creator (fill­ing all three Human bodies by Light) by The Living Word;
2. Cognition of Rules of Creator;
3. Implementation of Rules of Creator is in everyday life.

17. Sense of life of Man which is incarnate triune Crea­tive Essence (Spirit – Soul – Flesh) consists not in that, to born, to eat, to sleep, glad financial achievements, to give birth itself similar and to die. Sense of life is in that successfully, Gladly to pass an attendant is incarnate the stage of Triune Study is Creation – Perfection in the conditions of planet Earth, among the representa­tives of human association.

The way of man to successful harmonious the present time and future lies only through
permanent Triune Study – Creative – Perfection – Spirit;
– Souls;
– to the flesh by the Living Word!!!

The Living Word Creates Life!

SECTION IV Light Unity with Creator of the Universe (practical realization).

The Substance of Unity

It Unites – Creates,
Rallies – Realizes,
the Event through Space – Time materializes.
Rules of the Creator
I am Glorifying!

The Living Word is Source of Light, health and success!

A section is only for those, who realize himself Follower of Projects of Creator of Universe, but not part of the material (animal) world.

Section the fourth actually is instruction of the practical form­ing of Light on the personal vital way and realization of the third principle of the harmonious dwelling (third principle of Spiritual development) – Light Unity with Creator.

At first an axiom and then question and answers on them. Axiom: A man is triune or one in two incarnate Essence, which is a dual informative creature. Will explain more detailed: Triune incarnate Essence consists of three bodies of -dukh, soul, and physical flesh.
One in two incar­nate Essence consists of two bodies is the soul and physical flesh. As triune so I one in two incarnate Essence – a man consists of two informative creatures of antagonists – Co-Creator and Oppo­nent of Projects of Creator.
It follows to remind 12. Rule of Create: Behavior of man. The conduct of man is determined by the not level of educa­tion, not vital experience, not domestic position, not financial state and volume of Light of its Spirit and soul. Any Light, clean, good man can become dirty, destructive, wicked, if it does not care of the permanent filling Light of the bodies!
Filler by Light is Information for Creation by the Living Word!
Will specify aforesaid: the table of contents of ideas, words, acts and state of health of man fully depends on maintenance of information, which fills its bodies!

The light, Clean, Creative ideas, Words and acts, are formed due to filling with Light, Clean, and Creative Information. As an example, this information generator – The Living Word!

What does it mean the Living Word?
The Living Word is text maintenance of which is represented by Projects of Crea­tor of Universe.
And if daily to fill with the bodies of man dirty, impure, de­structive information, for example aggression, unprofitable­ness, fear, envies, alarm, egoism, enmity, avidity, falsity, such information forms and will realize through a man the same aggressive, hostile, unprofitable acts and chronic disease on all three human bodies in four successive stages:

1st stage – Initiator (Initial) – as an informative blocking of cer­tain segment of Spirit.

2nd stage – Reason (Fundamental) – as an informative blocking of certain segment of the soul.

3rd the stage is Process (Realization) – as informatively – power blocking of certain power centers.

4th stage is Investigation (Materialization) as informatively -power blocking of certain segments of physical flesh.
Each of four successive stages of disease is formed during three months. In other words – it is necessary 9 months in order that a chronic disease was formed and fixed on three human bodies and realized already at the level of physical flesh him clinical dis­plays.

And now is a question and answers on them:

1. How a long ago is there a method of Inform therapy by the Living Word?
Theoretical developments and approbation of me­thod of Inform therapy I began Living Word in 1995 year. Prac­tical treatment I began this method with 1999 year. Success­fully completed examination on the base of Association of folk medicine of Ukraine, got a license to of MOZ of Ukraine medical practice in industry of folk and untraditional medi­cine.

2. How effective is a method of Inform therapy by the Living Word?
I work more than 24 years in quality the doctor of -surgeon, internist, and head of hospital, main doctor of district hospital and doctor Inform therapy by Living Word. I with com­plete responsibility want to say, that this method of treatment of chronic diseases Living Word is surprising, in many times more effective, than any other methods of medicine known by me!
Want to make a few model examples of treatment of those dis­eases, which in the whole world are considered incurable only:

1. Dissolution of atherosclerotic name-plates in coronal ar­teries for patients by ischemic heart trouble with proceeding in a structure and tone of myocardium (cardiac muscle) and increase of faction of extras of blood from 37% to 63%!!!
That was clear – 37% is the state of heart, which is preceded clinical death. 63 % is the state of heart of 20-years-old fellow!

2. Dissolution of atherosclerotic nameplates in the vessels of cerebrum with valuable renewal of bleeding, providing of fa­brics of brain by oxygen, and nutritive for patients atheros­clerotic encefalopatiya with the deficit of bleeding to 60%!
After treatment Living Word – 100% valuable renewal bleeding!

3. Liquidation of respiratory insufficiency, dissolution of scars in lights for patients pneumosclerosis!

4. Proceeding in a structure, function cells of liver at the painful chronic atrophy impressions it!

5. Patients have proceeding in the valuable hormonal func­tion of thyroid with the heavy forms of hypothyroidism (when they to treatment in tens of years Living Word used artificial hormones, to provide the life)!
Inform therapy in many cases allows Living Word fully to give up a harmful endocrinotherapy!

6. High-efficiency treatment of fruitlessness for women, CPLD from:
– endometrioses;
– adenomioz;
– cystic disease ovaries;
– by an anovulatory menstrual cycle.
For men a valuable 100% convalescence is at anisosperm.

7. Proceeding in a valuable structure and function of bones of stump joints at degerativni koksartroz, even at aseptic ne­crosis of heads of femoral bones!
… and a lot of other examples.
I named those cases of diseases which any by other medical facilities; except for the method of Inform therapy, it is im­possible to overcome Living Word!

3. How much complications do arise up in the process of treatment by the Living Word?
None! Only sometimes is the easy sharpening. It, in my opinion, and after determinations of patients which al­ready treated oneself Living Word, most harmonious method of treatment of all of human organism, all of human bodies!

4. How is it long necessary to take treatment by the method of Inform therapy Living Word?
For liquidation of one disease, it is usually necessary 3­4 Medical Matrices of Living Word.
1-shu read Medical Matrix 9-10 days.
4-ri Medical Matrices – consistently, by turns near 40 days.
On the average, it is 40 days necessary for the release of man from a chronic disease by the method of Inform therapy by Living Word.

5. Why are ill people?
Because their bodies daily hourly filled with infor­mative dirt, which is reason of disease.

6. How does a disease form?
In four successive stages with fixing on all of human bodies.

7. Judging on answers – any chronic disease is the informa­tively power blocking of certain segments of Spirit, soul and flesh of man. Does it mean that a disease actually is informa­tive contamination of human bodies?
Just like this. Dirty, impure, destructive idea – a word-act forms a disease in the bodies of man.
Strangely enough it sounds for many, but only rich in con­tent information is able to provide or destruction of human bodies or valuable health!

8. What must be done, to prevent the origin of chronic dis­eases?
What pills, injections of medications, medicinal preparations, does it follow to accept, to prevent the origin of chronic illness?

Any pills injections of medications underline – at treatment of chronic diseases, are untrue. Moreover – in many cases harmful! Explanation is simple – any financial fa­cilities operate only at the level of matter – physical flesh. As far as effectively, do they operate at the level of physical flesh? Read instruction of -anotaciyu with the list of contra­indication and indirect actions, the level of efficiency and harmfulness of action of such preparations will become clear.

9. Why are not medicinal preparations able effectively to treat achronic disease?
Any pills, injections of medications – medicinal prepa­rations are financial facilities. In addition, any financial facilities are able to cooperate only at the level of physical flesh and not able to co-operate at the level of Spirit and soul. It should be remembered that any chronic disease always arises up, flows and fixed on all of human bodies, including Spirit and smother together with a flesh.

10. What mean is able effectively to liquidate a chronic disease? What mean is able to prevent the origin of chronic illness?
Answer: Only Light information, which fills human bodies, wears away informative dirt and provides filling of human bodies information of Light, Cleanness and Creation, well off effectively to liquidate a chronic disease.
The Living Word forms light information. Reading and wiring for the sound of Living Word provides the harmo­nious health of human bodies!
11. How are practically to inculcate making healthy Living Word?
It is necessary to purchase one of three books of O.V Filatovicha:„Living Word Creates Life!” „Governed Creation” „Vitally Important!”.
Universal Forms of Living Word are printed in which.
Instruction of rules of reading and wiring for the sound of Universal Forms of Living Word is expounded in all three books.
Certainly, it is better in all it would be to use texts all 9 Universal Forms of Living Word, which are published in three books: it is needed to read consistently for 10 days every Universal Form of Living Word twice on a day – in all 90 days.
After completion of this health course of the Living Word it costs to prolong to support the bodies in the Light. For this purpose recommended daily, one time in a day to read – to wire for a sound Universal Form № 6;
– or Universal Form № 5 Living Word;
– or Universal Matrices of Living Word in obedience to a chart, printed in a book „Vitally Important!” (Section IV).

12. For what so many times (almost 30-40 minutes) daily to outlay on reading of the Living Word?
Once again will repeat an axiom: A man is an in­formative creature, maintenance of ideas, words, acts and consequently and the health of which fully depends on main­tenance volume of information which fills its bodies!
In the days of Aratta and Tripillya the higher wired for a sound axiom was known by our ancestors and for this reason daily read – speak up morning and evening prayer, during the use of meal and on a road, during a crisis situation.
Once again, want to mark that important circumstance that in none of their prayers was dirty, impure, destructive words!
If daily not to fill with the body of man Living Word (By information of Light), they will be gap-filling information of dirt – impurities,
We want that or not – surrounds us and pierces the Informative field, the constituent of which in most cases is information of dirt, impurities, destruction (source of -zasobi of mass informa­tion: printing, body, radio, socializing with people, which are in the „cuddles” of informative dirt).
Choice for a man one of two:
1. Or to save in time on reading of Light, Clean, Creative In­formation, allowing dirty, impure, destructive information to fill human bodies, forming, realize, materialize chronic de­structive diseases with the loss of capacity and acceleration of time of farewell with a physical flesh.
2.Or daily to read, to wire for a sound the texts of Light, Clean, Creative Words – Living Word, providing Light, Cleanness, by Creation the bodies and, accordingly, forming, realize, inculcating healthy, active life and, accordingly, suc­cessful the present time and future!

13. Where is except for the medical center of Living Word is it possible to master the method healthy by the Living Word?
Yes, during the last years many citizens of Ukraine came to me with a request to teach making healthy and prophy­laxis of diseases the method of Living Word. Beginning from 2009 that, who independently mastered making healthy of the bodies by the Universal forms of Liv­ing Word № 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and wishes to be divided this experience with the countrymen, I will give more detailed information on the practical use of Living Word for making healthy.

With the wish of celebrity and successes on Way of Studies – Creation – Perfection
Alexander Filatovich

Now let will specify once again:

I. What does it mean the Living Word?
The Living Word is text, which represent Projects of Crea­tor. Exactly due to it, The Living Word during wiring for a sound forms Light.
Light is Matrix of Life-Creative, which gives the infor­matively power, providing every cell, fabric, organ, organo-system of any living creature.

II. What does treatment by the Living Word release a man due to from diseases?
Will remind our readers, that any chronic disease is formed and runs across in four stages:

the 1st stage is Initiator (Beginning)
It the informative blocking of certain segment of the Fiery body (To the spirit) which arises up as a result of accumulation of impure, destructive, dirty opinions of leaseholder Spirit (By a man).
Usually, the first stage of disease runs across during three months.

the 2nd stage is Reason (Foundation).
It the informative blocking in the certain segment of thin body (souls), arises up as a result of accumulation of impure, destruc­tive, dirty words a man.
The second stage of disease runs across in time on the aver­age three months.

the 3rd stage is Process (Realization).
It is the power blocking of certain power centers, which arises up because of accumulation in the Fiery and thin bodies of in­formation about to the evil spirits, informatively, the destructive, dirty realized actions are acts, which was carried out by a man.
Usually, the third stage runs across in time on the average three months.

the 4th stage is Investigation (Materialization).
It is the power blocking informatively Cells; Fabrics; Organs;
Organosystem (organokomplex) of physical body of man.
The fourth stage arises up as a result of accumulation, filling of informative dirt in all of human bodies – to physical, thin and Fiery (if it for a man is present) as impure, destructive, dirty ideas, words, realized actions – acts.
Conclusion of any a chronic disease is formed and runs across in four stages:
– Initiator or Beginning;
– Reason or Foundation;
– Process or Realization;
– Investigation or Materialization.

in addition, fixed as an informative, informatively power blocking in human bodies – to physical, to the soul and Spirit (if he for a man is present).
Simptomkomplex of disease (displays of disease are in a physical body) begins itself to show not before, than disease will be formed and fix on all of human bodies.
Any financial remedies (pills, organic and inorganic com­pounds, physical therapy facilities) are able to co-operate only with a physical body. With Spirit, soul and power centers, finan­cial facilities to co-operate are not capable. Therefore, any treat­ment of chronic disease financial facilities is unsuccessful.
There is only one mean – Instrument which is able to force out, to wipe, to dissolve informative dirt (what is essence of disease) from all of human bodies, on all four stages of forming of disease. This means – Instrument – The Living Word.
Due to forming of Light by the Living Word and filling them of Spirit, soul, flesh a man rids of chronic disease!

What is mechanism liberation man from a disease due to treatment by the Living Word?
Treatment is carried out by wiring for the sound of texts of the Living Word in three successive stages:

1. Forming of Light, filling them of human bodies.
A man reads, wires for a sound the texts of Living Word. During wiring for a sound formed Light (that Informative Matrix of Life-Creative), what fills with Light human bodies.
Than greater volume of texts of the Living Word is wired for a sound, the greater volume of Light is formed and fills human bodies.

2. Dissolution of informative dirt Light.
Light fills human bodies and pushes, dissolves, and wears away informative dirt, which is present in human bodies (Light and dirt incompatible)! Exactly this informative dirt is Beginning, Foundation, Realization, and Materialization of dis­ease.

3. Formation by the light Matrix Life-Creative. After a release, cleaning of human bodies from informa­tive dirt, Light forms Informative Matrix of Life-Creative.
This Informative Matrix renews and activates a structure and function of every cell fabrics; to the organ; Organosystem man.
It already full new, harmonious, active life!
Indeed, power potential and activity of man is increased in a few times.
Outwardly and inwardly a man become younger years on ten – twenty (a laboratory, instrumental and biochemical inspec­tion is able to set that biological age of man diminishes actually on these same 10 – 20 years)!
For example, for women in which five, ten and a menstrual cycle (a climax came) absented more than years, hormonal ac­tivity recommences.

IV. What is a surprising medical effect arrived at due to?
Owning the method of forming of Light Streams, doctor -inform-therapeutist is able to send Light to the pathologically changed segment of the Fiery, thin and physical body of man lo­cally, due to what intensity of co-operation of Light Stream with the concrete segment of the Fiery, thin and physical body is in­creased in hundred, thousands one times in comparing to the or­dinary method of Light co-operation.
That was clearer, will explain: does the volume of physical body of man make 50 thousands of see on the average? We found out, that when a man reads the texts of Living Words, gets Light Stream, which fills with the Fiery, thin and physical bo­dies Light. Thus, Light

Stream is evenly distributed on all of volume of the Fiery, thin and physical bodies of man (on the av­erage 50 thousands of sm3). Doctor – inform-therapeutist, which owns knowledge of forming of local Light Stream, well-off to create Medical Informative Matrix of Living Word, which under time wiring for a sound sends packed Light Stream to the local segment of the Fiery, thin and physical bodies, staggered a disease (power informative blocking). Usually, does the lo­cal pathological segment of the Fiery, thin and physical body have a volume from 5 to 20 see? When a patient reads the texts of Medical Matrix of Living Word, packed Light Stream, which locally
cooperates with the volume of the pa­thological blocking, is formed, for example, in 5 see 3. Power of such Light Stream in thousand one times more than power of the Light filling at the ordinary reading of Living Word, for example, of Universal Form (50 000 sm3 : 5 sm3 = 10 000 times! )

Due to forming of local Light Stream efficiency of treat­ment is increased in thousand one times, accordingly, time of convalescence is accelerated also in thousand one times!

V. How does the process of treatment by the Living Word pass?

1. Diagnostics Doctor – inform-therapeutist examines a patient and
sets a clinical and informatively field diagnosis.

2. Creation
In obedience to the got diagnostic information, a doctor creates Medical Matrix of Living Word for treatment of concrete patient.

3. Teaching
The studies of patient is making or him next-of-kin or acquaintances (those, who will give a help him) to the rules of reading of Medical Matrix of Living Word.
What Medical Matrix of Living Word is? It is instruction for the consecutive reading of texts of Living Word with the purpose of liquidation of disease at once on all four stages of his forming:
– Initiator;
– Reasons;
– To the process;
– To investigation
on all of human bodies (physical body, soul, Spirit). 4. Treatment

A patient reads, wires for a sound the texts of Living Word, carrying out the process of treatment these same in any comfortable for him apartment (usually home terms) twice on a day. For liquidation of one disease it is usually necessary three – four Medical Matrices. It follows to read every Medical Matrix on the average nine days.

VI. How subjectively does a patient feel during treatment by the Living Word?
Subjectively liquidation of disease flows in four successive stages:

the 1st Stage is cleaning of human bodies from informative dirt.
This stage shows up through:
– it is head pain;
– nausea, which can be, accompanied even vomit;
– it is perspiring, heat, cold;
– it is an increase of arteriotony;
– it is dull or sharp pain in the place of localization of dis­ease;
– fervescence, even to 39 degrees (sticks to three days);
– by the edema of mucus shells is a cold, tears and coughing. Usually, these displays are brief (from a few minutes to a few hours).

The 2nd Stage is proceeding in human bodies.
There is proceeding in vital functions Fiery, thin bodies and cells, fabrics, organs of physical body of Man:
– appears force and energy is before lost;
– a capacity rises (it becomes the same, as to the disease);
– rest, confidence, beautiful sleep, feeling of harmony, appears with outward things;
– an insuperable desire to live appears, to create. The 3rd Stage is activations of human bodies.

There is activation, strengthening of functional possibility of all of organs and systems of organism.
An organism subjectively begins to work more powerful (a man feels that an organism comes back to life, become younger on
20 – 30 years!)

4th Stage – Life-Creative.
Active and productive, creative status this as though life after a revival!
Than more heavy disease, more intensive sharpening, the more active fight of Light Streams is against a pathosis, the more active displays of this fight are from the side of physi­cal body.
Sharpening intensity can be regulated by an increase or diminishing of frequency of reading of Medical Matrices. Read more frequent (3 times per days) are more intensive displays of fight against a disease. Read rarer (1 time per days) are the less intensive sharpening from the side of physical body.
After completion, of course of treatment a patient feels a fully healthy man. If to do the objective laboratory and in­strumental inspections of the state of physical body after treatment Living Word, will find out renewal and consider­able improvement of clinical, laboratory, instrumental in­dexes of bodily condition of man.

VII. What diseases effectively do treat oneself the me­thod of Inform therapy by Living Word?

List of diseases, which successfully succeed to be treated, to liquidate due to the use of method of Inform therapy by Living Word:

1. Disease of the cardiovascular system:
– ischemic heart trouble, coronarosclerosis, stenocardia, co­ronal and sercevo-sudinna insufficiency (disease of heart, caused gross violations of bleeding through coronal arte­ries);
– arterial high blood pressure (primary and second);
– myocardiopathy, myocardial dystrophy – primary and second (impression of fabrics of heart).

2. Disease of central nervous system:
– vegetative-vascular dystonia (impression of arterial and venous vessels of brain);
– encefalopatiya (chronic violation of cerebral bleeding);
– chronic arachnoiditis (impression of brain-tunics);
– chronic encephalitis (impression of fabrics of cerebrum);
– diencephalic syndrome (subthalamic syndrome which arises up as a result of defeat of hypothalamus and hypothesis).

3. Disease of the respiratory system:
– chronic bronchitis – simple and obstructive (inflammation of bronchial tubes);
– bronchial asthma is an atopic form, and infectiously is an allergic form (violation of the bronchial communicating);
– chronic laryngitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis (defeat of over­head respiratory tracts).

4. Disease of the urethra system:
– chronic pyelonephritis (an inflammatory process is in buds);
– chronic cystitis, urethritis (an inflammatory process is in an urinary bladder, urinoexcretory channel);
– for men is chronic prostatitis is, hyperplasia of prostate, adenoma of prostate (disease of prostate gland).

5. Disease of gastro enteric highway:
– esophagitis (oesophagitis);
– gastroduodenit (inflammation of stomach and 12 – falling bowel);
– enterokolit, colitis (inflammatory process of bowels);
– proktosigmoidit (inflammatory process of line and sigmoid bowel);
– heptoses, pancreatitis, diskineziya of cholepoietic ways (disease of liver, pancreas).

6. Disease of the womanish sexual system:
– dysplasia endometrial, endometrioses, fibromatosis, adenomioz (inflammatory and degenerative process of mucus shell of uterus);
– fibromioma uteruses (of high quality tumour of uterus);
– hormonal parafunctions ovaries;
– fruitlessness, which arose up as a result of:
a) to impassability of pestle pipes;
b) dysfunction ovaries;
c) impression of mucus shell of uterus;
d) second hormonal violations (diseases of thyroid, adrenal (gland), hypothalamus and hypothesis et al);
e) genetic blocking of segment from 1st to 7th informative plans.

7. Disease of peripheral arterial vessels:
– disease of Reyno (impression of arteries of extremities -hands and feet);
– obliterating atherosclerosis of vessels of lower extremities (atherosclerotic impression of arteries of feet);
– syndrome of Larisa (degenerative is a sclerotic process of arteries at the level of aorta and vessels of lower extremities);
– obliterating atherosclerosis of mesenteries vessels (vessels which provide bleeding in the organs of gastro enteric highway).

8. Disease of endocrine organs:
– sub thalamic and hypothesis insufficiency;
– autoimmunity tireoidit, gipotireoz, gipertireoz, knotted goitre of on a background of tireoidit, hyper, gipoparatireoidit

(inflammatory processes of thyroid and paraschitovidnikh glands);
– disease of epifiza (cone-shaped gland); -disease of adrenal (gland) (cerebral and cork areas).

9. Diseases, which arose up as a result of complication of saccharine diabetes:
– diabetic retinopathy (impression of retina of eye);
– makulodistrofiya, sub atrophy visile a nerve;
– diabetic nefropatiya (impression of nephrons and tubules of buds);
– diabetic encefalopatiya (impression of vessels of cere­brum);
– diabetic angiopatiya vessels of lower extremities (shows up and runs across like obliterating atherosclerosis of lower extrem­ities).

10. Disease of spine:
– osteochondrosis, degeneration of intercostals disks (de­structive processes of intercostals disks);
– protrusion, hernia destructions of intercostals disks;
– spondilezi, spondiloatrozi (degerativni processes of disks, bodies of vertebrae);
– second radikulyarni syndromes, ishioradikuliti (inflamma­tion of spinal nervous counterfoils);
it is violation of cerebral circulation of blood as a result of vertebrobazilyarnoy insufficiency.

11. Disease of eyes:
– retinopathy, makulodistrofiya (impression of retina of eyes, disk of visual nerve);
– sub atrophy visile a nerve (impression visile a nerve);
– konuktevit, blefarokonuktevit, keratitis (inflammatory process of mucus shell and cornea of eye);
– glaucoma (an increase of pressure is in an eyeball).

12. Cosmetic problems:
– destructive processes of skin and hypoderm of person, neck; – weakness of muscles of person (mimic muscles);
– fragility, psilocin.