The Living Word Creates Life !

Filatovich A.V.
Living Word Creates Life. – Kiev: the Ukrainian academy of sciences, Publishing house “Phoenix”, 2006…..pages.
Translation: by Yakiv and Oleksiy Kutsenko
ISBN 966-651-365-х

Thanks to what is carried out ability to live plants, animal and people on the Planet? How is carried out formation of material events in a human society (events positive – creative and negative – destructive)? What is the reason occurrence of heavy chronic diseases? Why do grow the quantity acts of terrorism and confrontations? On these and many other questions you will find answers, having read A. Filatovicha’s book “the Living Word Creates Life!” All of us, people, – one society, one family. The spirit of each person is making Creator’s Essence! All of us live in one house, which name is the Planet Earth!
And our task – through a spiritual Communion with the Creator, spiritual development, residing under laws Creator of Universe to revive the Light, pure, righteous life for the sake of happy future, our children and the Planet!


The heavy chronic illnesses, in result of which early disability and premature death (cardiovascular, brain, endocrine and other), heavy infectious diseases (AIDS, epidemics of a flu with the lethal consequences, not specific pneumonia and others), destructive genetic, hereditary illnesses and other problems of the men;
The intergovernmental military conflicts, information wars, acts of terrorism, economic opposition and others problems of human community;
The flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami, ozone holes, hotbed effect and others Planetary cataclysms.
These crisis phenomena become deeper, heavy and destructive.
What does unite all these planetary and human problems, which during last
decades uncontrollably accumulate?

These problems are united by that, they threaten to overstep maximum-permissible limits of pollution and opportunity to live on the Planet Earth. In according with these problems threaten with catastrophic destruction and doing impossible existence of the human civilization.
I. These problems are united by one general REASON – it is soulless, thoughtless, irresponsible destructive human activity.
II. These problems are united by the OPPORTUNITY of the EXIT from this global crisis of human community through fulfilment of 3 conditions harmonious living:
3 conditions of Spiritual growth
1. A spiritual vibrating Communion with Creator of Universe.
2. Constantly spiritual development through knowledge, training, observance of Creator’s Laws.
3. To live under the Laws of Universal Creator. By the way the word Rights means Spirit!
Who is Creator of Universe from the view of the scientific point?
This is…
► The united Information Field which penetrates all Real is material and non-material;
► System of harmonious interaction of material and non-material objects;
► System of realization constantly Spiritual, material development in according of Creator’s laws.
The Synonyms of words the Creator of the Universe is a single Information Field of Creation – Improvements = Hierarchy of the Light Control System = Hierarchy of the Universe Creator.
Further in the book the Creator means the Creator of the Universe
A few words about Creator’s Laws
– The Laws of Creator are faultless, thanks to that, these Laws have passed test, correction by time, that time, which in human understanding to measure it is impossible – time of existence of the Creator of Universe is boundless!
-The Laws Creator of Universe omnipotent, the system of the Creator’s
Hierarchy is working on the all levels of existence of living creature, providing dynamic movement on the way of creation, stops process degradation of any living creature.
– In according with Creator’s Laws the Spiritual always is primary, material is secondary.
For the sake of preservation a high-level vibrations Spirit of man, the system of the Creator’s Hierarchy is ready to destroy any material object if it prevents evolutionary development on the planet Earth and in all Universe.
– The Laws of Creator existed, exist and will exist irrespective of understanding or perception their living essences. The system of the Creator’s Hierarchy is the precise, automated control system verified and harmonious.
Further, I want to tell you about opportunities of an exit from global
Human crisis.
The main tool for the decision of Planetary Human crisis is and always will be a Word which is a Tool of Creator
On the Planet Earth is only one essence:
which is able to speaking Words;
thanks to Word can form the thought (to think);
thanks to Word can logically and consistently to operate and create a matter.
On our Planet there is only one living essence (except, certainly, the Earth) it is a Man, which has Triune Essence: it is Spirit, Soul and Flesh. The human Spirit is a component of the Creator’s Essence, the Spirit never Was and Will not be a component of a material world. And as the fact, the Man is embodied Creator’s Essence (Co-Creator). And for this reason the Creator has entitled the Man to use the Tool for Creation – it is the Living Word!
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Creator of Universe, and the Word was Creator of Universe”, – the sacred Gospel according to John.
If the Word has a high level of vibrations (the Living Word) and the Person keeps all 3 conditions of spiritual growth, so materialization of Light pure plans realize instantly! And any crisis recedes for ever!
Exactly about it is told in the book “Living Word Creates the Life!” We live during the Time of formation of new race of Radiant Mankind. Requirement of the Creator – vibrating unity with the Creator of Universe, constant spiritual development, life under Creator’s Laws!

Tsyfrona 25

the Effulgence of the Stream
by the Cleanliness of the coition
by the Starry limpidity
will Construct the Outline
the changes of the All Real

With the best wishes for realization the Light Creator’s Plans
Alexander Filatovich!

Section 1. the Base of the Universe

Living Word
Time allots
The space opens
The life transforms
Living Word of the Creator!
The word creates, inspires,
The space changes
All Events creates
If the Word is
The tool Co-Creator!


All are for the Person
The information enters
The dirty erases
The brain enlivens
The Intelligence expands
The World changes
The information of the Creator!

All are for the life
Denuclearized pure
Transparent creating
The Engine of progress
Active process the
Events foretells
Light tunnels moves
Energy of the Creator!

The planet Earth is a Planet of Love. From height of flight a spaceship it is a blue planet, a planet of color of blueness, color of the blue sky! In Solar system it is unique planet on which there are Living essences. A Living planet.
Terrestrial surface, caps of snows Northern and Southern poles, tundra -northern desert with single hints on vegetation, undersized bushes and a green moss, deer, bears.
Dense wide deciduous woods, brown bears, elk, roe, hares, foxes, wood birds. Wide steppes, boundless fields where in the summer the sun pours grain of wheat, barley, rye.
High mountains, steep rocks, hard-hitting tops, wearisome hot deserts, dense impassable jungle, infinite oceans and the seas, fresh-water and salty lakes, narrow mountain and wide flat small rivers.
Trees, bushes, flowers are the immense world of flora. Animals, birds, insects are extremely various world of fauna.
And the most reasonable essence which lives on a planet Earth, on a plan of the Creator is a Person! An essence which, as against other Living essences, plants and animals, is able not only:
1) reproduce itself;
2) to eat, sleep;
3) to destroy other essences for the sake of preservation itself genus.
The person is capable to be useful to the Planet, to be able create new, more perfect for itself and the Earth to go by development (evolution), spiritual growth. For what the Planet the Earth has agreed to residing, except for animals and plants, one more Living essence, an essence which has on the order the highest opportunities in comparison with representatives of an animal and flora?
In fact any residing, according to laws of Space, is possible only at a mutual consent. This residing should be mutually advantageous. The planet Earth is an Living essence with extremely big energy potential, and it makes the decision on granting the sanction to residing any Living essence on its surface. For what (purpose) the Person is necessary for the Planet?
The answer: the Person, on a plan Lord Creator of Universe, is strong, all-sufficient information – power essence which is created on an image and resemblance of the Creator. The primary goal of the person is:
1. Maintenance of a continuous communication with the Creator, constant cooperation with the higher spiritual Essence – the Creator of Universe (through a vibrating unification).
2. Constant evolutionary, spiritual development.
3. Creation of more perfect worlds, including for the Planet Earth.
The person acts on the Earth in role Co-Creator. The person is necessary for the Creator of Universe as the intermediary, the representative Lord Creator of Universe on the Earth. In fact the Creator of Universe has no opportunity independently to capture extremely plenty of the worlds, but in it there is no any necessity.
There is a whole Hierarchy the System management by the World (the Creator’s Hierarchy). And the Person as the representative of the Creator’s Hierarchy should create, improve the World (the world material thanks to a high level of spirituality).
That conversation was more subject, we shall specify some details of a structure of the Planet and the Person. Any higher Living essences, those higher Living essences, which representatives are the Planet Earth and the Person, have three components, namely spirit, soul and a body. On the Planet Earth such essences, once again I shall remind, two: a Planet and the Person. Animals and plants have only two components: a physical body and soul. The spirit is a fiery body, soul is a thin body, and flesh is a physical body. The Earth is triune: spirit, soul and a flesh.
1. The physical body is a seen part of the Earth. The globe consists of firm elements which list we can recreate through Mendeleyev’s table.
2. The thin body or soul of the Planet consists of seven information levels, each of which consist of 12 sublevels. In general 12 x 7 = 84 sublevels. 1-st level is as much as possible approached to a surface of Globe, 7-th level is as much as possible remote from a surface of the Earth. Information levels of the Planet repeat the form of the Earth shroud the Terrestrial surface as a sphere. Functionality, only in general:
– 1-st information level is responsible for interaction of organic and inorganic elements of Globe;
– 2-nd is an interaction, circulation water;
– 3-rd – functional interaction of gas structure of an atmosphere of the Earth, and also a supply with information for functioning physical bodies, the vegetative and animal worlds;
– 4-th information level of the Earth represents the bottom levels of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of fauna, including the Crystal Grid of Consciousness the Person. In other words, 4-th information level is responsible for materialization and dematerialization events of vegetative and fauna on the Earth;
– 5-th information level of the Planet represents the top levels of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Person;
– 6-th and 7-th information levels of a planet the Earth are information levels of those who has achieved consciousness Creator of Universe -man.
3. Spirit of the Planet is a fiery body; it is a component of the Creator’s Hierarchy.
The person also has three components: 1st is a physical body (flesh), 2nd is a soul (a thin body) and 3 rd is a spirit (a fiery body).


Tsyfrona 3

the Making, the Creation
are the Basis of the Universe
a Single Whole are the Triple interrelationship
the Flesh and the sense-knowledge the Depths
of the recognition

The physical body of the person consists of organic and inorganic substances. All these micro – and major mineral elements are part of the Earth’s crust. Actually the Earth in full gives the substances necessary for construction of a physical body of the Person. Bases of structure of flesh are cells. Cells are made out in a fabric; fabrics form bodies, associations of bodies – organ-systems. For example: cardiovascular system, urinogenital, a gastroenteric path, the central nervous system and so on. All these systems or organ-systems unite one thing – special functional destination. Functioning of each cells or fabrics in a complete organism probably only under condition of adequate functional providing from the soul (a so-called thin body). Actually physical body of the person is only material capsule for a hobby and spirit. Without soul (a thin body) and spirit (a fiery body) the life of a physical body is impossible!
When the soul and spirit leave a physical body, there death comes (physical body stops its vital functions).
By the way, the soul and spirit leave the physical capsule, or a physical body (flesh), basically, in case of inability of a physical body (owing to functional or organic infringements) its vital functions.
Variants are possible:
1. Owing to organic changes, at chronic diseases. For example, chronic nephritic insufficiency as display of a heavy glomerulo- nephritis. For example, cardiovascular insufficiency with impossibility of maintenance of blood circulation at ischemic disease of heart, a coronarosclerosis. For example, terminal hepatic insufficiency as consequence of a chronic hepatites or a cirrhosis of a liver and so on.
2. Owing to organic changes in those or other bodies and impossibility them (organs) to carry out functional tasks at physical destruction, a trauma, damage a part of a physical body. For example, falling of a physical body from height at an air crash, owing to road incident. In this case the soul and spirit functionally provide an injured physical body until the last minute while there is a hope for restoration of the destroyed cells, fabrics, organs, organ-systems. And only in case of the full destruction, full impossibility a part of a physical body after a trauma to restore functioning soul and spirit leave the destroyed physical body is compelled, because of its impossibility (this body) to restore the ability to live.
3. Owing to sharp functional insufficiency of body or organ-systems (so-called clinical death). It is that case when there is a sharp infringement functioning of a complete organism or organ-systems owing to a physical trauma without significant organic destructive processes. An example: damage by an electrocurrent, a painful shock owing to a physical trauma.
It is necessary to explain, that:
– firstly, the weaker connection between soul, spirit and a physical body, the faster they leave flesh;
– secondly, the weaker spirit or soul are, the high probability for a physical body to remain soulless, spiritual less. Weakness or force soul and spirit it is defined by a level of vibrating potential;
– thirdly, than less important task in this concrete embodiment is carried out spirit and soul through the physical body, especially quickly, recklessly fiery body and a thin body leave a physical body with the least effort.
The physical body for Creator’s Essence (spirit) is only the tool thanks to which the person is capable to carry out the mission on the Earth. At everyone has mission. At one small:
1) to give birth to itself similar;
2) to learn cultivate a potato, tomatoes, cucumbers, an onions;
3) to learn to work in collective under a management more skilled, professional or more sincere, spiritual;
4) to live till an old age and… to die away.
At other man mission is more expressive: due to an opportunity to study to receive a profound knowledge about a material world, to reach a high intellectual, intellectual level of development, to be the instructor, the head of working collective.
Mission of the third man is – due to an opportunity to perceive information streams for the whole generation of people to create precisely, logically built table of chemical elements of the Earth’s crust, for example, Mendeleyev’s table. At the fourth man – is mission of the Prophet. I remind, these are such, as the Buddha, Mahomet, Jesus Christ *. In general, opportunities of any person should be regarded from a position of integrity and height of vibrations of his components: spirit, soul and a body.
* Hereinafter under the text in edition of the author is name – Jesus Christ.


Tsyfrona 7

It Happened, came true,
be Realized,
the Gathering ended,
Seven plus seven,
And like sound of the ringing bell Spreaded, –
it came true!

Tsyfrona 9

Movable by the good
Uses the vibrations
of the Advancement,
Flows in,
arranging portending of the Event,

The soul is highly organized thin-planned structure, the primary goal of which is the information supply of vital activity of the physical body and connection with thin-planned structures of the Universe (exactly of the given concrete person). In contrast to the physical body, the thin body (soul) is a part of not shown Universe, it is almost immortal structure, as the quantity of reincarnations is defined tens thousand. Exactly the soul extremely harmoniously and completely constructed by the plan of the Creator, having gone a long evolutionary way the soul is obliged to live according to the laws of the Universe.
The soul of the human being, as well as the soul of the Earth, consists of 7 capsules or from 7 plans. The 7-th plan is most approached to the physical body, it penetrates the flesh. The 1-st information plan is most remote from a physical body. Each of seven information plans consists of 11 subplans. Each of previous is a part of the following. For example, the structure of the first information plan includes 2-nd, 3-rd, 4-th, 5-th, 6-th and 7-th. The structure of 3-rd information plan includes 4-th, 5-th, 6-th and 7-th. Each plan and each subplan carry out its function and its task.
Once again, the soul is a highly organized information structure due to which a physical body of the person carries out and shows the vital functions: the process of blood circulation through arterial and venous vessels and process of breath (saturation by oxygen and other gases of blood, their transportation to tissues, cells, removing of harmful substances which are formed during the exchange); formation the urine by kidneys, formation of firm waste in the gastro enteric path, removing of these waste products from the organism; the opportunity of clonus and relaxation of muscles, movements by the extremities and separate parts of the body; process of movement of nutrients at the level of cytoplasm of cells of the physical body; transition, transference of energy through energy fields of the physical body – all this are provided by a thin body (the soul).
Without information (matrix) maintenance with a thin body existence of the physical body is impossible! The soul (a thin body) is information matrix, which carries out vital functions of the physical body. From the moment of:
1) ovum fertilization by spermatozoon;
2) pre-natal development;
3) birth of the baby;
4) physical development of the person in the period of his mature, formation, an old age and death the thin body completely provides all these stages of development (if internal and external factors do not impede him in it).
At the heart of harmonious complete existence of the soul (thin body) is the height of its vibrating (or bearing-light) level. The higher level of vibrations, the more opportunities for soul, for maintenance of harmonious, favorable life of the physical body (smaller quantity of problems, including illnesses, at the level of the physical body).


Tsyfrona 14
the Clock of the Lord,
Counts the term of the Maturing formation,
4. Developing!
3. Rise!
2. Motion
1. And to the evolution

Tsyfrona 15

the First place of the Passageway
the Gates of the Space Transition,
Through the ways,
the aspiration to the Aim,
Advancement Realizing!

That man who has his Essence weak (spirit — a fiery body), can show its worth in the life only as the executor, as a member of the collective, as a member of community. For example: the worker of the sugar-refinery with weak spirit. Such man can be the highly professional worker, but insolvent as the head, as the leader. Why? Weak spirit (weak integrity, stability, resolution, weak will power).
The spirit is the Essence of the Man, a part of Creator’s Essence, a component of the Creator’s Hierarchy. Will power, persistence, stability, confidence, courage, bravery, resoluteness are only some of displays of the Human Essence (Spirit).
A person who has weak spirit, but the wide, beautiful soul, can build itself in the life as the artist, the musician, the poet, the architect.
A man, who has both spirit and soul weak, proves itself only as a physical body. Such person can quickly “slide down” to the level of alcoholism or to the life of the tramp. These are weak, weak-willed people. If do not help to such person, to not raise the strength of his mind and to not clean the soul, he will become full degradation person — the representative of fauna.
A person who has a strong, powerful spirit, but with low level of vibrations, weak small soul can and will be in the life the head of collective, the director of enterprise, the leader of public or political organization.
He has on the first place desire to be in the head, desire of power, desire to be the leader — it is the purpose of his life. All another has minor importance. Such person can not represent itself without authority. He is dictator, the tyrant. A man who has a strong spirit with a high level of vibrations, complete and harmonious soul, accordingly full-fledged physical body, comes on the Planet for execution of extremely important tasks. The task can be to lead Mankind by the way of evolution, creation, unity with the Creator. For example: the Buddha, the Mohammed and the Christ.
The basis of complete, strong, high display of spirit (of fiery body) is the level of height of vibrations (of the Light).
The higher level of vibrations of spirit, the more opportunities of fiery body on maintenance of the given essence with worthy, bright, light promotion on the personal tape of life:
1) opportunity to study, to develop intellectually;
2) to prove itself as professional;
3) to prove itself as the head of collective, as the leader of (party, public, state);
4) to prove itself as the spiritual leader.
Criteria of opportunities of spirit and soul of the given person are fixed in the form of Information Matrix at the level of Essence — fiery body — the spirit, at the level of thin body — the soul. In the Universe there is a precise hierarchy: supreme —lowest, light — dark, strong — weak.
Exactly by this principle is distributed the control system of the person as complete information-energy triune essence:
Hierarchy of the Person: Spirit (fiery body) Soul (thin body) Flesh (physical body)
Principle of control: the Spirit operates by the Soul and the flesh; the Soul operates by the flesh.
From all Living Essences live on the Earth only to the Man is inherent the Spirit. Only to the Man the Creator of Universe give the opportunity to join to Supreme community, to the Creator’s Hierarchy of Creation! The person is the incarnated Creator’s Essence (Со-Creator)!
It is important to remember the truth: the human Spirit is a part of the Creator’s Essence. The spirit is a property of the Creator of Universe! For this reason any encroachment on human life is considered by the Creator as an encroachment on the Creator’s Essence. Anyone who encroaches on integrity of the Spirit becomes the destroyer of the Creator of Universe! The spirit determines the opportunities of the soul and the body, the soul completely provides vital functions of the physical body. The physical body, flesh is a tool of maintenance of execution of the tasks, which faces to the given concrete person, in the given concrete incarnation (execution by the man his mission on the Earth).
If the level of evolutionary development of the spirit is extremely high in the given concrete incarnation, in the given concrete physical body, the person can execute some tasks during his life. It can be two, three and more vital tasks without transformation, without loss of time for development of the physical body since the period of the childhood, becoming as professional, the leader of collective, head of public organization, head of state, etc.
As usual person becomes mature to the 33-years age (double three-level integrity — sacral number).
From this age the person can be considered as Co-Creator, if:
1) owns by Supreme knowledge;
2) knows the purpose of its stay on the Planet;
3) is in continuous connection with the Creator (vibrating unification with the Creator of Universe);
4) constantly evolves, develops spiritually;
5) constantly moves ahead by the way of creation (by the way of realization of Supreme task).
In what way the supreme Living essence (the man) comes on the Earth? Once again, the man is a spirit and the soul incarnated in the physical body.
The spirit and soul which are outside of the physical body exist, evolve in the thin spheres (informational levels of the Earth).
The higher vibrating level of fiery and thin bodies, the highest level, a sublevel is occupied with spirit and soul in the hierarchy of thin-planned and fiery structures. Once again about information levels (spheres of the Earth). Their quantity is 7, each meets 12 sublevels, each lowest level is a part of the Highest level (or sphere). 1-st sphere — the nearest to surface of the Earth, 7-th — the most remote from the surface of the Earth. So, into the structure of 7-th sphere enter the 6-th, 5-th, 4-th, 3-rd, 2-nd and 1-st spheres. Into the structure of 4-th sphere enter the 3-rd, 2-nd and the 1-st spheres. All of them repeat the form of the Earth (as spherical sphere); in the space they have different spectrum of radiation. And due to this spectrum we can observe these spheres as a rainbow during or after the rain, more often in summertime of the year. Colors of the spheres are:
— 1-st sphere — red;
— 2-nd — orange;
— 3-rd — yellow;
— 4-th — green;
— 5-th — blue;
— 6-th — dark blue;
— 7-th — violet.
All these colors are matrix. What means matrix? Matrix is generated by the Earth for the concrete conscious and unconscious motivation of activity of Living essences on the Planet. Red color is a color of life support; it is responsible for the physical condition of the man and his health. Orange is a color of life- creation (love, family, friendly and close relations). Yellow is a color of business relations – industrial, economic, professional, and also the color of creation, the sun color. Green is a color of self-maintenance, color of Planetary and Human harmony. Blue is a color of vital evolution, spiritual development and dynamic promotion. Dark blue color is a color of vital display, stabilization of thematter. Violet is a color of effort, color of transition from one event to another, from materialization to de- materialization.
All above-listed natural colors are the matrix; they are displays of forming events at the level of appropriate spheres. Each of these spheres (information levels) is a matrix of formation of those or other events on the Earth. These matrixes of formation of events are created by the people through their words, thoughts, actions.
The most effective tool of formation of events is the Word! The Word is determinant! The Word is a tool of the Creator! It is the tool of the Creator of Universe. The man by the plan of Creator is Со-Creator (the Creator’s collaborator). In due time the Creator of Universe has entrusted to its collaborator — to the Man this tool, the tool of Creation, and has given the instruction, has trained to this Creation.
1. And the man was exactly Со-Creator until he was on constant vibrating connection with the Creator, with the Creator of Universe.
2. And the Man was Со-Creator until he moved ahead by the way of knowledge of main laws of life on the Earth and in the Universe, by the way of spiritual development.
3. And the man was Со-Creator until he remembered about the tool of Creation given to him by the Creator of Universe — the Living Word. Remembered and observed the rules of Creation by Living Word, rules of creation of the worlds.
And since the man has forgotten these three basic conditions of Supreme existence, small and big problems have started to arise during his life:
1) incurable diseases;
2) bloody wars;
3) impossibility of reproduction of his generation;
4) spiritual and soul crises;
5) mental and intellectual disorders;
6) terrestrial cataclysms – flooding, typhoons, earthquakes, ozone “holes”, greenhouse effect, threat of moving of magnetic poles of the Earth.


Tsyfrona 10

Kind and famous
Pure and clear,
Sunny, brightly,
Burning like Stars,
to the Light Moving!

The higher vibrating level of the soul and the spirit, the higher step in the hierarchy of thin bodies and fiery bodies given soul and spirit occupy. The more light the soul is, the closer it to the Creator of Universe! And the level of vibrations is formed including on the physical surface of the Earth during the life of the Man on the Planet. Due to what the high vibrating level of the Soul and the Spirit is formed?
1. A spiritual vibrating unity with the Creator of Universe. The Living Word allows, gives the opportunity to support constantly its thin and fiery bodies in Supreme Vibrating Stream (Bearing-Light Stream). The law of evolution is simple — the Supreme vibrations lift up the man to the Light, dissolve and wash off the negative dirty from the Soul and the Spirit. Light is not compatible with dirty, therefore their mutual existence is impossible. When the man is constantly on the Supreme vibrations (Bearing-Light vibrations), the information dirty becomes incompatible for him. In this there is a reason of absence at such person disorders, vital troubles, working problems, diseases, etc. (all these problems arise because of information pollution!). Living Word is a pure Light pray.
2. Constant spiritual development by way of knowledge, studying of rules and laws of harmonious life (Creator’s Laws). It is necessary to learn not only and not so much the matter which is consequence of creation, but the reason, the process, the initiation of creation.
3. A life under Creator’s laws is the creation of material World in harmony with Human community and with the Earth. A man (Co-Creator) should be able to create under laws of the Creator.
The man dies, he has lived his life thoughtlessly and worthlessly, the sense of his life was — to eat, to drink, to have a sleep… All last years of his life were the constant use of alcohol, absence of motivations to evolutionary development. The soul and spirit have left the body, the level of vibrations too low even to come off from the surface of the Earth. There were attempts to rise, but the burden of dirty pulls downwards. So the soul and spirit stick to mortal remains of the physical body, are fixed and move only on a cemetery. These are thin bodies of dead, those who did not see the Creator’s Light, lived by one day, realized itself as part of fauna, instead of the representative of the Creator.
The soul and the spirit of the pure, light, radiant person which has finished his way of the life, rise in the supreme information levels, the supreme spheres of the Earth. There are similar thin and fiery bodies there. It is necessary to remember, in the thin-planned structures the law of hierarchy is carried out more precisely, than on the physical plans of the Earth. The soul, being on one of vibrating sublevels, is not capable to occupy one of the 12 neighboring sublevels which do not answer to this soul by the way of vibration. Promotion upwards is possible only by constant evolutionary development. It is similar to the floors in the high-rise building, which are isolated one from another and have stairs only for those who have achieved higher level of vibrations. Spirit after the end of the Planetary life rises on appropriate sublevel of the fiery plan — the law is the same. The higher level of vibrations the higher level of existence, the greater opportunities for further evolution.
One of the main laws of the Universe is the constant development, the constant evolution of the Spirit, the Soul and the Body. If the spirit and the soul in their last incarnation have carried out all evolutionary tasks on the Earth, after death of the physical body they can leave the information spheres of the Earth and to remove into the other worlds, more evolutionary developed, with the larger opportunities. For now the spirit and the soul after have left the physical body, are in the information levels of the Earth. And wait for the time, when they can be incarnated on the Planet again in order to realize their tasks. The incarnation is possible only through mother and father, vibrations of the soul and spirit of which are similar to vibrations of the soul and the spirit of the future child. In other words, the higher level of vibrations (of the Light) of the father and mother, the lighter and more pure the child is born in their family.
I think you understand the reasons of birth rate in last years the increasing quantity of physically, mentally and spiritually ill children?
To prevent these negative displays, the future parents should to learn work over themselves, to clean their thin bodies and to lift up the vibrating level of the soul and the spirit. For this purpose also there is a technique of the Living Word.
We learn further. The spirit and the soul from information spheres of the Earth have found the father and mother. More often the spirit of the future child by the way of vibrations tunes up on the spirit of the future father. The soul of the future child tunes up on the soul of future mother. There is an act of ovum fertilization by spermatozoon for the further formation of the physical body. The physical body is formed according to the information matrix of a thin body (the soul) of the future child.
There is an axiom: the information forms the energy, energy forms the matter. Accordingly, the information matrix with huge information volume which contains a thin body of an embryo of the child, bears the full responsibility for the form, structural components, vital activity of the cells, tissues, organs of the small man which grows and develops in the womb of mother. The thin body of the child which develops in the womb of the mother, can harmoniously function and in full volume to provide growth of an embryo under condition of the favorable interaction with the Supreme thin-planned information streams.
To understand more clearly about what there is a speech, I shall present an example of experiment which has been carried out in one of the laboratories of scientific research institute. By the way, similar experiments are simple for execution in any laboratory or medical, scientific institute.
There are two aquariums with tadpoles (the embryos of usual frogs). Absolutely identical favorable conditions in both groups: the first condition is the clean water; the second is the constant saturation by the oxygen, the third one is constantly high level of nutrients, the fourth condition is enough of artificial illumination. But in the control aquarium have carried out shielding from information streams (they are also called torsion streams) of the Universe. Actually isolated thin bodies of tadpoles from so-called Bearing-Light Stream, have interrupted connection with the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the given essences.
In the control aquarium ugly creatures have generated which had no anything common with frogs; these essences are not capable to show their vital activity and to recreate their generation. In the second research aquarium started to develop absolutely healthy, beautiful, viable small frogs which further have grown in adult frogs. Conclusion is simple: development of any essence needs favorable interaction with Bearing-Light Streams or direct connection, in other words, with the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the given Living essence (which is component of the United Information Field or the Creator).


The Substance of the Time

the Time flies in the Repercussion –
like echo Changes the structure
the form Breaks down Instead of the stability –
is the aspiration to the motion the Flight,
is the advance to the evolution –
without doubt!

What the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the essence represents itself? This grid is also called the Cellular screen; his elementary particle is information component, which under the form reminds hexahedron — the cell. I shall explain by example of experiment. In 50th years the Japanese scientists under the direction of doctor Watson had been carried out unusual, interesting experiment. On one of the islands of Japan — Kosima the scientists every day fed over two thousand monkeys of the same kind (a macaque — fuskata) by batata (batata is a kind of sweet potato).
Cleared batata put on the sand; monkeys were dissatisfied they had to eat very tasty, nutritious, good meal with the sand. They were spat, became angry, but compelled to eat. One monkey has learned to wash out batata from the sand in flowing water, and she willingly made it before meal. Other monkeys tried to take away this sweet potato from her paws; they were not capable to understand and learn to wash independently dirty batata in the water. And only one monkey constantly washed out batata from the sand. Scientists have gone another way: they have started to train the second, the third and the fourth monkey by this procedure. And here, when training was passed by the 100-th monkey, there was a miracle: all monkeys as one have started to wash out independently in water a sweet potato — batata — from the sand without preliminary training! Moreover, all monkeys of these kinds who were on the next islands, without any previous training started to wash batata in the water! By the way, the distance between contiguous islands on which these Living essences lived, reaches tens, hundreds, thousand kilometers (contact between them was impossible). Scientists have named this miracle-experiment by the phenomenon of the 100-th monkey. After that some more similar experiments were done, during which it has been established that there is a minimal matrix number of each kind of Living essences (this is the minimal number of individuals of the given kind, total information matrix of which is capable to change behavior of all individuals of the given kind).
Irrespective of, whether there are Living essences as a group in one isolated territory, whether are placed in different places on the surface of the Earth, all of them as one, are capable without any training, without any preparation to repeat skills, experience of those individuals which have passed this training (provided that the number of these trained individuals will be big or equal to the minimal matrix number).
For individuals of one kind this number is 100, for the second — one thousand, for the third — millions, for the man it is number “x”.
Due to what there is this unusual phenomenon, a phenomenon of universal information transfer of experience of other persons? Due to existence of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness which is located on one of the seven information levels of the Earth (on one of the seven information spheres).
To show the vital activity (to move, to reproduce its kind), for example beetle, the quantity of individuals of this kind makes only 2 — 3 units, it is necessary, that on one of information levels of the Planet the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of this kind of beetle has been formed! Only provided that the existence of this Living essence is possible! There are millions kinds of animals on the Earth, conformably millions kinds of Crystal Grids of Consciousness are formed. On all Creator’s Will.
If the big quantity of essences starts to break main laws of the Universe, stops the evolutionary development – the Crystal Grid simply turns off, destroys. Accordingly, the concrete kind of Living essences dies out.
Only for the last 30 years about 6 million kinds of Living essences have stopped its existence. The main reason is the absence of dynamical evolutionary development! Biological cyclic iterations without the further development are not necessary for the Creator! Most of all chances for a survival the Creator of Universe gives to the Man. Probably, for the reason, that Creator of Universe still hopes — the Man all the same will carry out put before him the task of Co-Creator’s level! Meanwhile time still is! I think, to you becomes clear the reason of increasing the quantity of people with mental frustration, heavy destructive illnesses.
The reason — people independently realize information blocking, switching-off from the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the man (and accordingly destroy the connection with the Creator by its destructive thoughts, words, actions!) The crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Man, except the Creator of Universe, is formed by the people. This is the information matrix which is created by set of words, the thoughts, the realized events. The generated information matrix of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Person is realized through events on the physical plan of the Earth.
You don’t understand why on the Planet there are bloodsheds, acts of terrorism, information and economic wars?
These are displays of words and thoughts of the big matrix quantity of people! These events should be necessarily realized, materialized on the Planet as they are informationally programmed by the community of the people!
What it is necessary to undertake that the life on the Planet became beautiful, Light, as if in a fairy tale, as if in the light children’s dream?
The matrix number of people of the Planet it is necessary to learn to think, to speak, to act under the laws which the Creator of Universe teaches!
It is already the time to revive the Star’s Memory, the memory of the universe of the future!
We come back again to the small Living essence, which develops in the womb of the mother. If mother during the pregnancy adheres to the main Creator’s rules, supports her high vibrating level, informational supply to the harmonious development of the child will be guaranteed!
The child is born with the Creator’s help if mother and father are at the Level of Bearing-Light Streams. Such child has a minimum problems with health. Such child quickly learns the World, well develops physically and intellectually, he is desired and radiant! This child is in the Creator’s Stream! It is absolutely another life, other opportunities!
Harmonious functioning of the physical body completely depends from condition of the information matrix (height of vibrations of a thin body — the soul and a fiery body — the spirit).
The height of the level of vibrations of thin and fiery bodies depends from desire of the man to provide it, for this purpose there is a tool, there is a method. It is a method of Creation by the Living Word.

The Living Word Creates the Life!



Hour – minute – second –
an instant Regularity Terrestrial
Time for courageous
Time for strong
Time for wise
Term – hour
Term – minute
Term – second
Term – an instant!
Time enters Flows
flies Changes a matter
New structure advances!

In order that any person on the Earth could show his vital activity, it is necessary to execute several conditions:
1. The Creator’s inspiration, the Creator’s desire, in other words, desire of the Creator of Universe that the given concrete living essence on the Earth exist.
2. The Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Person which is created by the Creator of Universe and is become more active during the vital activity by the human community should exist and function.
3. Between the thin, the fiery bodies and the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of Human being the constant information connection must be supported.
4. Thin and fiery bodies of the man must be in active, functional condition (a high level of vibrations).
Now let’s serially consider these 4 conditions. First condition is the Creator’s desire.
The Creator’s inspiration, the Creator’s desire to provide existence of the Person takes place provided that he lives under the Creator’s laws, carries out at least the main principles:
— the first principle is the maintenance of continuous connection with the Creator (vibrating unity);
— the second is the constant development, creation (instead of destruction), studying of Creator’s laws;
— the third is the creation of material worlds, harmonious life among itself similar essences, and also among essences of fauna and flora according to Creator’s laws.
Second condition — the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Man is formed by the initiative of the Creator of Universe on the 4-th and 5-th information levels of the Earth. In this part I already told that the quantity of Crystal Grids of Consciousness of living essences corresponds to the quantity of kinds of living essences which live, exist and show their vital functions on the Earth. Existence of the living essences of appropriate kind stops in the case of destruction of Crystal Grid of Consciousness. I already spoke that for the last 30 years millions kinds of animals have disappeared from the surface of the Planet; accordingly, the same quantity of the Crystal Grids is liquidated. The reason is the absence of evolutionary movement of these essences.
The crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Human being is highly organized thin-planned structure, represents itself the informational matrix with great volume of information which provides vital activity of the Man. Why the grid? It consists of so-called information cells which under its form remind bee honeycombs or grid. This Crystal Grid penetrates the space, beginning from the first, second, third, fourth and fifth information levels of the Earth (so-called spheres of the Earth). Each of these information levels has 12 sublevels; in general, the Crystal Grid contains 60 sublevels of Consciousnesses of the Man. The upper sublevels of the Crystal Grid are formed by the Creator only; the lower sublevels are formed by the people. The upper sublevels contain the information automated in the system of laws, rules of life in the Universe, including in human society on the Earth.
It is necessary to notice, that any discrepancy of thoughts, words, realized actions of the people to the plans of Creator (and these plans are fixed as a matrix on the upper sublevels of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Person) causes blocking of corresponding segments of the Crystal Grid. Matrix quantity is a minimum quantity of people, the common thoughts, words and actions which are capable to form the information matrix at the levels and sublevels of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Person even in basic or so-called Sacral Segments. To understand more clearly, I shall explain: the Crystal Grid, except the base structure, has also Sacral Segments (basic segments). They have a form of prop, columns on which all structure of the Crystal Grid leans. Sacral or basic segments are capable to accumulate huge volume of information above extremely big area of the surface of the Earth where Living essences of the given kind are placed. Capacity of these Sacral Segments can be different. It is necessary to understand information matrix volume as capacity of the Sacral segments. Information volume of any Sacral Segment more than information volume of the base grid in thousand, tens and hundred thousand times depending from projection of the given segment on the territory of the Earth surface, quantity of people which live on this territory and a level of their intellectual development. For example, the Sacral Segment of the Crystal Grid above huge desert Sahara has information volume in millions times smaller, than above the densely populated city of Kharkov which occupies much smaller area, than desert. The sacral Segment above the small city of Tulchin has information volume in thousand times greater, than the Sacral Segment in the area of Brazilian small river Amazon,
where population in hundreds times more, but the total level of their intelligence much smaller.
The ancients lived on the territory of the present Ukraine, in the past the country Aratta, owned by cosmological knowledge, supported vibrating connection with the Creator and understood what the Sacral Segment of the Crystal Grid represents itself (the grid created by the Creator of Universe). They understood well, that any events on the Planet’s surface occur, are realized due to the information matrix which is at the level of the Sky (Crystal Grid), and maximum active information stream can be supported due to the interaction with Sacral (basic) Segments of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Man in condition of a pure pray, which allows to cooperate with the Bearing-Light Stream.
For acceleration and strengthening of interaction with these Sacral Segments they verified on the Earth surface projection of these reference points and created the special constructions for generation, or so-called structurization of the space. In other words, they carried out the strengthening and activation of information vibrations on the concrete territory of the Earth.
Such constructions for Egyptians were the stone pyramids, for Tripol’tsy and inhabitants of Aratta were the barrows, for inhabitants of Atlantis — the Sacral columns. Once again: the upper sublevels (from 51 till 60) contain the information generated by the Creator of Universe. On the low sublevels (from 1 till 50) is accumulated the information which source are thoughts, words, actions (acts) of people, not one separately taken person, but the group of people (matrix number).
Quantity of people which is capable to change the information of the Sacral Segment of the Matrix of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Human being is called the matrix number. The matrix number can make hundred thousands of people, and can be formed by one person, all depends from his:
— height of Vibrations of the Spirit, the mental potential;
— height of Vibrations of the Soul, size of volume of the information field;
— strength of interaction with the Creator (due to the constant vibrating unity).
It is necessary to remember the axioms:
1. Everything is formed as information matrix on the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Person necessarily is realized on the surface of the Earth as material events.
2. Formation of the information Matrix on the Crystal Grid is carried out by the people with help of:
— thoughts;
— words;
— actions – acts.
All these three components are fixed on the Crystal Grid in the given concrete Sacral Segment, which is designed on the given territory of the Earth surface. The word always was and is determining! If the word is Living, formation of the matrix occurs instantly!
3. The speed of materialization this or other event on the surface of the Earth depends from the volume of the entered information on the Crystal Grid and opportunity of people (material carriers) to carry out this event. The
information matrix of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Person is the Seed necessary for realization of event.
People are material carriers on the surface of the Earth — this is the Bosom, capable this seed to accept and grow.
And now the task for adults, with result.
Task No 1.
The small country in which live about 200 thousand person. Above the territory of the country there are 2 Sacral Segments of the Crystal Grid. The group of people in quantity about 70 people is incorporated by one purpose — to capture the state power. These people start to distribute the informational dirty about violence, interethnic conflicts, armed conflicts by means of TV screens, radio channels and printed mass media in volume more than
30 % of time day. This is the base. The basic idea which on the background of this dirty is cultivated through the mass-media, it is the necessity of the change of state power. In 7 months the quantity of people wishing to join to this reckless scheme increases — more than 20 thousand person. The thought, word, acts – actions are fixed in the appropriate segment of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Man — there is realization of this event — capture of the power.
Task No 2. (with condition, but without result).
On the territories of some states there is a cult of violence, terrorism. Amount of people, thoughts, words actions of which are kept with this problem — the problem of violence and terrorism, constantly increases, threatening to move a limiting matrix boundary. What events it is necessary to expect in this case, in the case when the number of adherents will reach the matrix number?
Task No 3. (again with result).
The country in which to the people constantly, persistently, busily through the mass media impose the idea, that the democratic device of the state —when it is all is authorized — larceny, violence, lies, unbelief, a cult of a matter (wealth).
Yes, it is enough that 10 % of the population of these people goes to sleep and wake up with assurance that so should be; it is impossible to change anything, and it is not necessary. And people of this country will turn in serfs, slaves for whom for the pleasure, for the happiness will eat a piece of bread and to have a place for dream.
Technologies of information “zombing” of people political technologists in many countries of the world today own. They influence by means of information zombing, information wars, basically through the mass-media. Today they carry out exactly in such way the achievement of the control and power in the state. With smaller financial expenses and much faster, than by the way of open armed
conflicts. And it becomes possible under condition of creation in the country the atmosphere of spiritual absence, fear and hopelessness.
About it we shall talk later and, probably, in other book.
Third condition is the constant information bridge between the Creator and the Man. Only under the condition of existence of this connection it is possible harmonious, charitable life of the man on the Earth. For today on the Planet only the units of people, are capable to receive the information even from the fourth – fifth information levels of the Planet — those levels on which the information of the Creator is kept (in order to be capable to read the pure information, it is necessary to support the bodies at high levels of vibrations). And high vibrating level of the Spirit — Soul — Flesh the person can provide only due to the Light Word — to the Living Word!
And now we shall come back on tens thousand years ago when on the territory of our state Ukraine existed Aratta — the state of the Sun (so the name of this state is possible to translate)).
In those days during many thousands years were no wars, were no bloodsheds, were no diseases (such information we receive from the 5-th information level of the Earth — so-called Rolls of Akashi).
Yes, and in the stone tables which are kept near the Melitopol on the territory of so-called Stone Tomb, exactly the Temple of the Light and the Sun, there are no mentions about the wars and illnesses. But there is a lot of information about which great cosmological knowledge our ancestry owned and not simply owned, but strictly observed the Creator’s laws. Exactly in this is the secret of blossoming and power of the ancient state! Extremely the high level of clean, Bearing-Light information was constantly supported on the low sublevels of the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Person! Accordingly, and all events which happened on the territories of Aratta, were reflection of the cleanness, Light and happiness. Many thousand years was not even the mention about the armed conflicts on the lands of Aratta. Only the beauty, harmony and the light!
It would be desirable, that such simple truths our people today has managed to comprehend, understand and remember: only clean, light, kind

Thoughts Words Actions – acts
are capable to provide the high Spiritual, cultural and material level of well-being (about what we hear from the lips of our people, to what today’s aspirations of our Ukrainian people are!)
Only the high spiritual growth is capable to provide the economic blossoming of the state!
The supreme manages by the lowest!
Spiritual manages by the material!
The Light, burning the darkness, governs by the world!
Still there is a time to Create in the name of our Light future and our followers!

Yes, we know that the representatives of the fourth and third human races in majority had the opportunity to be constantly in the contact with the Creator through the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Man.
In their physical bodies was extremely developed special organ, which task were continuous communication, the analysis, synthesis of the information of the Creator. Today on the place of this organ at the person there is only the rudiment — pineal body (epiphysis).
Exactly due to the continuous connection with the Creator there were no problems of energy supply. So, we know today, that there are extremely effective alternative energy sources. And in general, it is not the problem that reserves of the oil remain for 50—75 years (according to the estimates of different experts). The oil generally cannot be extracted — the Planet never allowed to people do it!
There were no diseases of physical bodies as the illness is an automatic blocking of the thin and fiery bodies as reaction of the Crystal Grid on infringement of the laws of life in the Universe.
There were no wars and national conflicts. When the people completely copied the Creator’s Hierarchy — the presence of the conflicts was impossible!
Universe is organized in such manner that there is a precise verified hierarchy in it — the one who has supreme vibrating level, is on the higher step and carries out the management on vertical line by those who are at the lowest level.
Irrespective of height of the hierarchical level nobody has the rights to break the Creator’s laws. The highest level, the greater responsibility.
Too much time there was approbation, polishing of the Creator’s laws, all is finished with meticulousness and all is verified. Why switching-off, loss of connection of the man with the Creator has taken place?
At first the small group of people to which the material world seems closer, native, interesting has appeared. Further this group gradually increased — fewer sights in the sky and more on the matter. Warm bed, nourishing food, pleasure from the material well-being, absence of the need to create, to develop spiritually. And when the person has crossed the line of Golden Mean, full replacement of priorities has taken place. Let’s remember the completion phase of existence of the 4-th race the Atlantes.
When the quantity of people — the convinced materialists on the territory of Atlantis became equal to the matrix number, there was an automatic blocking, switching-off the connection of human society with the Creator of Universe. All has come to the end tragically — with a world-wide Flood! The Creator of Universe doesn’t need in society of multipliers of the matter, the society of destroyers of the Spirit! The spirit can exist only under the condition of constant, continuous evolutionary development! And this development is feasible only under the condition of vibrating unity with the Creator of Universe!


Tsyfrona 19

the Accelerated descent, the Conical set,
the Gloom – the dirty – the squabbles
Exit, Victory!
the Spiral rise,
the Pyramid,
the Pressure, – the repulse, – the sweat, – the tears,

What does represent itself the Law of the Golden Mean?
The law of the Golden mean is also called the law of 70-ty percent. Number 7 is the Sacral number. If the person pays his attention to the concrete event (event is the component of the world of the matter) more than 70 % of his time, this person automatically becomes the hostage of this material event. The person becomes the component part of this event. In other words, from his personal tape of life passes in the cycle, and the cycle is a stop of movement, a stop of dynamic promotion on his personal tape of life (discontinuance of promotion on the way of evolution).
The person, who is in the cycle, always goes down to the problem world or even incomplete. What is the problem or incomplete world? On the Earth at the first information level, on the level, on which the most part of the life there are physical bodies of people, its own hierarchy of the physical worlds exists.
1. The world of events. In this world live those people who the most part of their life (more than 70 %) live among events: the work, family, private life, rest and creativity. And smaller part (less than 30 %) are compelled to solve the problems, misunderstandings, which arise during the life on their personal tapes of life. In other words, the world of events is the world in which people intuitively or sensibly carry out their tasks, understand how to live on their personal tape of life, not breaking their forward, dynamic promotion.
2. The problem world. In it the most part (more than 50 %) of time the person is compelled to solve the problem questions — conflicts, troubles, illnesses, difficulties in material maintenance and so on. And only the smaller part of time (less than 50 %) the person lives on his tape of life, among his personal planned harmonious, creative events.
3. Incomplete world. In this world the most part of time (more than 70 %) a person lives in the sufferings, conflicts, struggle for a survival of the physical bodies. This is the heavy life of invalids, hard sick people and people with mental disorders.
We come back to the Law of the Golden Mean. The law of 70 percent. Day and night have 24 hours. If every day a person more than 70 % of his time (16,8 h./day(and night)) on extent more than 21 days directly or mentally is in the concrete event, he enters into the cycle (destroys his promotion on the way of development — breaks one of the main laws of the Universe, the Creator’s laws — the law of evolution of the spirit).
To understand more clearly, we shall consider on examples. By the way, there is no any distinction absolutely, what kind of event it is — positive or negative. Event is a realization in the material world. If the person breaks the Creator’s laws, moves his fiery and thin bodies from his tape of life more than 70 % of total time into the physical object, the blocking arises, switching-off this person from the Unified information stream, which is built by the Crystal Grid of Consciousness of the Person (transition into the cycle).
Example 1.
Vitaliy Alekseevich, 38 years old, has put in order his successful personal business as it seemed to him, the sense of his life. Yes, really, business in which he was engaged was very perspective and profitable. And the most part of his time he spent on the work, exactly there, where most of all he liked. In 1 year his money resources have exceeded 2 million dollars.
All occurred better than in a fairy tale. But during the next month he became the full bankrupt and also has run into debt to his friends the big sums of money. In 2 years after his financial crash he has addressed for the help in our center. The brief analysis: 1. Every day he gave to his favorite business till 20 hours of personal time. 2. Family, friends, rest have gone away on the background; actually they did not exist for him. 3. Except the work, manufacture, business, other any business did not interest him, and there was no time for them.
Conclusions — direct infringement of the law of 70-ty, the law of the Golden mean, his fiery and thin bodies have entered in the material event, in the cycle, have left from the tape of his life. What should be expected? It is necessary to expect the destruction of his business (at best) for the sake of preservation of his fiery and thin bodies.
Example 2.
The young man named Victor, 16 years old, has come to love the girl Lyudmila, 14 years old. Love was pure, light and mutual. Touch of hands, ardent embraces, the kisses, in love sights and light words. For them the surrounding life has receded into the background, has stopped to exist. The family, school, friends, girlfriends — as if they are not present. Only love, passion, knocks of hearts…
In 8 months of their ardent relations Lyudmila has taken the big doze of pills. Due to the duly, qualitative medical service Lyudmila managed to be rescued. After recovery on the question of doctors and parents, which has induced her to this desperate step, she has answered…, that has seen Victor near the girl Irina.
The analysis: another situation but the same reason —more than 70 % of time for dynamic movement on their tape of life, Victor and Lyudmila have moved to the physical material event which we shall name “mutual love”. In other words, their fiery and thin bodies have moved from the tape of life to the cycle. What consequences should be expected? The automated system of the Creator’s Hierarchy disconnects such person from the Unified information stream; the destruction of the physical body for the sake of preservation of the spirit and soul takes place.
I shall explain. The spirit is the component of the Creator’s Essence; the Spirit never wasn’t, isn’t and will not be an element of the matter. The Word, the Thought is a component of the Spirit and, accordingly, the Creator’s Essence. When the person moves the Creator’s Essence (words, thoughts) in any material event more 70 % of time, the threat of destruction of the Human Spirit (the Creator’s Essence) arises. For the sake of preservation of the Human Spirit the Creator’s Hierarchy is capable to destroy a physical body (which is a component of material world only).
Supreme Laws, vibrating laws exist irrespective of our understanding, our comprehension of laws.
The time has come for knowledge, studying and performance of Creator’s laws!
The fourth condition. Fiery and thin bodies must be always in active functional condition due to a high level of vibrations. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out the rules which are stated in the separate part (in our book it is the second part). The only thing that it would be desirable to notice — the opportunity of fulfillment of all set forth above four conditions depends from the height of vibrating level of all three bodies of the man:
— fiery (spirit);
— thin (soul);
— physical (flesh).

High level of Bearing-Light vibrations is created by the Living Word!
The Living Word Creates the Life!

The basic conclusions to section 1

– A Man is the personified Creator’s Essence.
– A Man physical body is a one of the 3 components of triune Human Essences (it is a material component).
A man physical body is only a tunic for a soul and spirit. Without soul (a thin body) and spirit (a fiery body) the life of a physical body is impossible! The physical body is necessary for a man for the mission realization on Earth.
– The soul is highly organized thin-planned structure which the primary goal is a supply with information for vital functions of a physical body and communication with thin-planned structures of Universe (Creator).
Without information (matrix) maintenance with a thin body the existence of a physical body is impossible!
– The spirit is the Highest Essence of Man, a basis of Creation Creator’s, component of Creator’s Hierarchies. Will power, perseverance, resistance, confidence, courage, bravery, resoluteness are only some of manifestation of the Highest Human Essence (Spirit).
From all Living Essences which live on Earth, only a Man has Spirit. Creator of Universe has given only to a Man the ability of joining to Highest community, the Creator’s Hierarchy! The Human is personified Creator’s Essence (is created)! It is important to remember the true: human spirit is a component of the Creator’s Essence. The human spirit is a property of Creator of Universe! For this reason any encroachment on human life is estimated by the Creator as encroachment upon the Creator’s Essence.
Anyone who encroaches upon the integrity of Spirit, becomes a destroyer of
Creator of Universe!
A Man can be considered as Creator, if:
– Owns the Super high knowledge;
– Knows the purpose of the stay on the Planet;
– There is in a continuous communication with the Creator [a vibrating unification with Creator of Universe);
– Constantly evolves, spiritually is developed;
– Constantly moves ahead on a way of creation (on a way of realization of the Highest task).
Creator of Universe, Creator, Universe, the Unified Information Field all its are a blameless system of the vital functions organization of fiery, thin-planned and material subjects and objects owning to which is realized constantly the evolutionary development, harmonious living and observance of Creator’s laws. Main principle of Hierarchy of the Creator’s board:
The highest (vibrating) manages over the lowest, spiritual – material, the information – energy.
Maintenance of vital functions of human community is carried out through information levels (spheres) of Earth, to be exact – through the Crystal Grid of Man Consciousness.
– The crystal Grid of Man Consciousness is highly organized thin-planned the structure, which represents an informational matrix with great information volume, which provides vital functions of one community alive essences and it is formed at 4-th and 5-th information levels (spheres) of the Earth.
Any discrepancy of ideas, words, realized actions of people to plans of the Creator (and these plans are fixed as a matrix on the top sublevels of the Crystal Grid of Man Consciousness) causes the blocking of the Crystal Grid segments, and this blocking is the reason of problems, conflicts, diseases in human community.
The person is the personified Creator’s Essence. For this reason representatives of human community also have an opportunity form partly the Human information matrix on the Crystal Grid of Consciousness.
The matrix quantity is a minimum quantity of people, the general ideas, the general words and the general actions of which are capable to form an information matrix on the bottom sublevels of the Crystal Grid of Man Consciousness.
The quantity of people, capable to change the information of the Matrix Sacral Segment of the Crystal Grid of Man Consciousness, is called as matrix number. The matrix number can compose hundred thousand people, and can be formed by one person, all depends on him:
– Heights of Vibrations of Spirit, a mental potential;
– Heights of Soul Vibrations, size of information field volume;
– Forces of interaction with the Creator (owning to a constant vibrating unification).
It is necessary to remember the axioms:
1. Everything that is formed as an information matrix on the Crystal Grid of Consciousness the Person, it is necessary realized as material events on a surface of the Earth.
2. Formation of an information Matrix on the Crystal Grid is carried out by people’s:
– Ideas;
– Words;
– Actions – acts.
The word always was and is determining. If the word is Living, formation of the matrix occurs instant.
– The crystal Grid of Consciousness the Person is formed by people, except for the Lord Creator of Universe.
– Why on the Planet there are bloodsheds, acts of terrorism, information and economic wars?
This is display the words and ideas of the big matrix quantity people.
– For maintenance of harmonious, light, joyful residing is necessary to learn the matrix quantity of people the Planet to think, speak, operate under laws which the Creator of Universe teaches us!
– The most effective tool of formation of events is the Word! The word is determining! The word is a tool of the Creator! It is the tool of the Creator of Universe.
– And the Person was Co-Creator until was in a continuous communication with the Creator, the Lord Creator of Universe.
– And the person was Co-Creator until he learnt, studied fundamental laws of residing on the Planet Earth and in the universe.
– And the person was Co-Creator until remembered the tool of Creation given to him by the Creator of Universe – the Living Word. Remembered and used the Living Word for creation.

The Living Word Creates the Life!


2.1. Stages materialization of the events in a human society by the example of beginning the disease

2.2. A method of Inform therapy by the Living Word

2.3. The mechanism of astonishing healing

2.4. Observance of conditions the treatment

2.5. The reasons of beginning the diseases

2.6. Opportunities of a method Inform therapy by the Living Word

2.7. Treatment by the Living Word on concrete examples

2.8. About universal forms of the Living Word

2.9. A scientific substantiation of the creation mechanism by tool of the Creator – the Living Word

The basic conclusions to section 2

The person is the embodied Creator’s Essence. The person is a Triune Essence – Spirit – Soul – the Body.
The supreme manages over the lowest! Spiritual forms material Human hierarchy of government:
– The spirit operates Soul and flesh;
– The soul operates flesh (a physical body);
– A physical body. Vital functions of any cell, a fabric, organs, organs-system of the human physical body realizing thanks to information which are supplied for Soul (a thin body) or, to tell more precisely, supplying of the Information Matrix of the thin body.
Disease which arises in a physical body of the person is only display of pathological changes of Spirit (a fiery body) and Souls (a thin body].
Any disease, as well as any event on the Planet, passing in four consecutive stages of development:
– Initiation (1-st stage) – as blocking a segment of a fiery body;
– The reason (2-nd stage) – as blocking a segment of a thin body;
– Process (3-rd stage) – as blocking the power center in a projection of the blocked segment of a thin body;
– Consequence (4-th stage) – blocking of a segment of a physical body in a projection of the blocked segments of fiery, thin bodies and the power center.
Only at 4-th stage a man starts to feel the disease through physical body manifestation (a pain, edema, a nausea, weakness, etc.).
Any disease is an effect of blocking information (information pollution) all 3 man bodies!
Recuperation of the chronic patient probably only with condition of disease liquidation on its all 4 development stages, in all blocked segments of fiery, thin, physical bodies and the energy centers.
Method Inform-therapy by the Living Word allows liquidating of blocking information at all stages development of disease and on all bodies owning to formation of the Bearing-lighting Stream!
Actually and practically the method of Inform-therapy by the Living Word it is possible to recover and make active vital functions of any segment on all of 3 bodies of man owning to formation of a full-fledged harmonious Information Matrix on a thin body of a man.
During the treatment by the Living Word recuperation of a person occurs in four consecutive stages:
– 1-st stage – purification of 3 bodies of the Person from an information dirty;
– 2-nd stage – the restoration of vital functions of 3 bodies of a Person;
– 3-rd stage – activization of 3 bodies of the Person;
– 4-th stage – stabilization of a high active functional level of all of 3 bodies of a Person.
And it is very important that the use of method Inform-therapy by the Living Word is impossible for the negative, destructive, purposes. Any infringement in laws of harmony is blocked instantly by system of the Creator’s Hierarchy as the Living Word is the tool of the Creator and to use this tool it is possible only for Creation.
Living Word are the exact, harmonious words united into word-combinations which reflects the essence of the Creator’s Plans!
The characteristic of Bearing-lighting (torsional) Stream which is formed by the Living Word:
1. The torsional stream appears owing to rotary movement of anyone material and non-material (information) object – source and owing to the change of space curvature.
The most powerful torsional stream forms a non-material source – the Word, The Living Word is determining!
2. The torsional stream is spread in fact instantly – its speed in 1 billion times more then light speed!
3. The torsional stream passes through any natural objects lost-free energy (it he non-material, and information – practically does not cooperate with material objects).
4. The torsional particles with an identical direction of rotation are gravitated, with a different direction of rotation are pushed off.
Among believer Christians it sounds so: ” draws kindness Kindly and pushes away evil”.
5. Torsion Stream is source of formation the event.
6. Torsion Field is source of energy which volume to imagine and comprehend it is practically impossible.
Scientist John Uiller has counted up, that the Planka density of energy of physical vacuum is 1095 gm/sm3 and in 1081 more (!), than density of energy the substance of a nucleus atom (which it is considered to be the biggest in a material world.
The person is only living essence on the Planet Earth which will consist of 3 bodies – spirit, souls, fleshes. All other living essences – plants and animals – have only 2 bodies – soul and flesh.
Exactly the Human Spirit is a component the Creator of Universe, the property of the Creator. Practically the Person is the embodied Creator’s essence. In this connection to make Man huge responsible for the observance of harmonious principles residing:
1. Constant maintenance connection with Creator of Universe.
2. Constant spiritual development.
3. A life under the laws Creator of Universe.
If the Person breaks these principles, he has problems, including chronic diseases.
Disease is as a sign “Stop” severe warning of necessity the return to harmonious principles of residing.
Diseases appears and develops in 4 stages, its are fixed on 3 bodies:
1- st stage – initiation. It is formed as information blocking at a Spirit level of of man because of influence by negative, dirty, destructive ideas.
2- nd stage – the reason. It is formed as information blocking at a Soul level of man because of influence by negative, dirty, destructive, destructive words.
3- rd stage – process. It is formed as informational – energy blocking at a energy centers level of man because of realization by dirty, destructive actions – acts in the physical world.
4- th stage – the consequence. It is formed as energy – informational blocking at the cells level, tissues, organ, organ systems of man Flesh (a physical body).
And here the sick person addresses for medical service. He is offered such treatment: tablets, injection preparations, physiotherapeutic methods – material methods of the treatment, capable to influence only at a level of Flesh (a physical body), by no means do not cooperate with Spirit and Soul (at which level disease is fixed, having undergone all 4 stages of development).
There is only one Tool, capable to liquidate a disease on all 3 bodies of a Man at all 4 stages of development, it is the Living Word.
The Gospel from Ivan: “at first there was a Word, the Word was at Creator of Universe, the Word was Creator of Universe…”
The inform-therapy method by the Living Word is a method, allowing liquidates a disease on all 3 bodies of a man on all 4 stages of development.
Thanks to what is there a recovery at treatment by method Inform-therapy Inform-therapy by the Alive Word?
Thanks to interaction with the Bearing-lighting Stream!
Thanks to a vibrating unification with the Creator!

The Living Word Creates the Life!


3.1. An energy crisis

3.2. Interstate conflicts

3.3. Crisis of physical health the person and health of a human society as a whole

3.4. Family crisis

3.5. Genetic patrimonial crisis

3.6. The crisis caused by the conflict the Person with the Planet

3.7. Spiritual crisis

3.8. About system of the government

3.8.1. The future of Ukraine

The basic conclusions to section 3

The Creator of Universe is Creator – the Universe is the one Information Field during its own development have passed so long way of evolution, that in our numerical numbers this stage of development cannot even be presented. It is not millions, not billions years, it much more the big numbers! And this extremely harmonious long way of spiritual development has created universal highly organized Hierarchy of the Control system of Light. Light governs the thin-planned, fiery and material worlds.
We need to receive only the light information, to learn and consistently to carry out all laws, rules of harmonious residing!
The information forms energy and creates a matter. On the information fields of a thin body the person there is a matrix which realizes events. If this matrix information vibratory but corresponds to plans of the Creator, human life passes harmoniously, happily.
– Through different information sources go rigid warnings that the time has come to the person to stop in his own thoughtless, no-spirit, irresponsible biological existence.
– When the person does not want to hear, is not capable to perceive terrible warnings, about it the nature, the Planet Earth begins gives the signals.
– When the person does not want to listen, is not capable to feel through external conflicts and natural cataclysms necessity in Spiritual development, the quantity of fatal diseases increases.
– Ends and edges are not to these newest illnesses and will not be until the person does not begin on the way of true spiritual development, creation, and communion with Creator of Universe.
– It is necessary to stop in the unhealthy aspiration to material enrichment.
– It is necessary brain and heart to open for spiritual development.
– It is necessary to make all for the sake of continuation of mankind only way:
a) Restoration of connection with the Creator;
b) Studying basic laws Creator of Universe;
в) Strict observance of these laws – the laws of harmonious residing;
c) The careful, gentle, loving attitude to human being, to the representatives of an animal and flora and to the Mother – Earth;
d) Mastering by practice of spiritual healing (healing which our ancestors owned) thanking those methods which became accessible to us thanks to the Creator’s desire;
e) Constant maintenance of a high vibrating level which allows to form and keep in contact with the Creator (by means of reading light, pure prays);
f) Creation the system of government by a principle the Creator’s Hierarchy.
– Management of whole universe is carried out by a principle of Hierarchy of the Control system by Light (the Creator’s Hierarchy).
The person is a triune organism Spirit – Soul – Flesh. A person is a human community which is a triune organism – Spirit – Soul – Flesh. The spirit of the Person and People is a part of the Creator’s Hierarchy. Soul of the Person and People is a part of the Universe.
What is it necessary to make that a level of spirituality, culture, and educations of people was maximum high?
The state program of development of national spirituality and culture should be created and be carried out:
– Spiritual attitude, knowledge of organic laws of the universe;
– The state and civil control over quality of information space, an interdiction propagation of aggression, violence, parasitism, immorality;
– The state protection of the private, civil and public property;
– Monitoring at a level of the state the activity of the spiritual centers and check of their conformity to criteria of spirituality, principles of morals and humanism.
– A cult of national heroes, encouragement of national traditions, cultures;
– The state and civil control quality of foodstuff and medicines, culture of continuation of the human race, ecological culture;
– Formation new Cossack, others national human rights structures, maintenance of a healthy way of life.
– Formation, creation of favorable conditions for formation of a united spiritual society, United Ukrainian Church which will harmoniously connect belief, a science, art, spiritual, mental sincere and physical perfection.

The Living Word Creates the Life!