The Living Word Creates Life !

First – an axiom, and then questions and answers.
Axiom: Man – this is triple or dual embodies the essence of which is a dual information being.
Explain in detail: Tripod embodied essence consists of three-body-spirit, soul, physical body. Embodies the essence of the dual consists of two bodies – the soul and the physical body. How to triple or twin embodied essence – a man consists of two Information beings antagonists – co-creator and the enemy designs of the Creator.

It should be recalled 12 Rule Creation: Human behavior.
Human behavior does not determine the level of education, not experience, not marital status, not material wealth and the volume of the Light of the Spirit and the soul.
Any bright, clean, good people can become dirty, destructive, evil, if she does not care about the constant filling of the light of their bodies!

Filling the Light – Info Creation – Living Word!

I shall specify the above: the content of thoughts, words, deeds and human health depends entirely on the content of information that fills its body!
Bright, clean, creative ideas, words and actions are formed by filling Bright, clean, creative Information. As an example, the source of this information – the Living Word!

What is the Living Word? Living Word – a text whose contents reflect the intentions of the Creator of the universe.

And if your body every day to fill the dirty, evil, destructive information, such as aggression, loss, fear, envy, anxiety, selfishness, hatred, greed, mendacity, such information is developed and implemented by man, such as aggressive, hostile, distressed behavior and chronic disease in all three human bodies in four successive stages:

Stage 1 – Initiation (Beginner) – in the form of an information block certain segment of the Spirit.

Step 2 – The reason (fundamental) – in the form of information to block certain segment of the soul.

3rd stage – Process (Implementation) – in the form of information and energy blocking certain energy centers.
Step 4 – Investigation (materialization) in the form of information – the energy blocking certain segments of the physical flesh.

Each of the four successive stages of the disease is formed within three months. In other words – should be 9 months in order to form and are expressed chronic disease of the three human bodies and realized at the level of physical flesh of its clinical manifestations.

And now – questions and answers:

Answer: Theoretical development and validation of the method informotherapy Living Word, I began in 1995. Practical treatment with this method, I began in 1999. Successfully completed the examination on the basis of the Association of Traditional Medicine of Ukraine, Ukrainian Ministry of Health received a license to practice medicine in the field of alternative medicine.

Answer: I work more than 24 years as a surgeon, physician, health administrators, the chief doctor of district hospitals and physician informotherapy Living Word. I state with full responsibility I want to say that this method of treatment of chronic diseases Living Word is amazing, many times more effective than any other known methods of medicine to me!

I want to mention just a few illustrative examples of treatment of those diseases that are all over the world are considered to be incurable:

1. The dissolution of atherosclerotic plaques in coronary arteries in patients with coronary heart disease with restoration of the structure and tone of the myocardium (cardiac muscle) and an increase in ejection fraction of blood from 37% to 63%!
To make it clear – 37% – a state of the heart prior to clinical death.
63% – a state of the heart 20 year old guy!

2. The dissolution of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels of the brain with a full recovery krovoplivu and providing the brain tissue of oxygen and nutrients in patients with atherosclerotic encephalopathy with deficiency krovoplivu to 60%!
After treatment, the Living Word – 100% full recovery

3. The elimination of respiratory failure, dissolution of scarring in the lungs of patients with acute bronchitis.

4. Restoring the structure, function of liver cells with severe chronic degerativnye impressions of it!

5. Restoring full hormonal thyroid function in patients with severe hypothyroidism (when they are to treat the Living Word for decades used the artificial hormones to ensure that his life)!
Informotherapy living word, in many cases can completely abandon the harmful hormone.

6. Highly effective treatment of infertility in women, associated with:
– Endometriosis;
– Adenomyosis;
– Polycystic ovaries;
– Anovulyatornyh menstrual cycle.
Men have a full 100% recovery at anizospermii.

7. Restoring the full structure and function of hip with degerativnye coxarthrosis, even when aseptic necrosis of femoral head bone!
… and many other examples.
I called those cases that any other medicines, except the method informotherapy living word can not be overcome!

Answer: No! Only sometimes – easy sharpening. This, in my opinion, and certain patients who have already treated the Living Word, the most balanced treatment of the human body, all human bodies!

Answer: To eliminate a disease is usually necessary 3-4 Medical Matrix Living Word.
1-st medical Matrix viewing 9-10 days.
4 Medical Matrix – sequentially, alternately about 40 days.
On average, 40 days is necessary for man’s liberation from chronic diseases by informotherapy Living Word.

Answer: Because their bodies daily, hourly information filled with mud, which is the cause of the disease.

Answer: In four successive stages with the fixation on all human bodies.

Answer: Exactly. The dirty, evil, destructive idea – a word-action forms of the disease in the bodies of man.
Ironically, for many it may sound, but only able to provide substantive information or destruction of human bodies or good health!

Answer: Any tablets, injections of drugs in the treatment of stress, chronic diseases, are ineffective. Moreover – in many cases harmful! Explanation is simple – any material means acting only at the level of matter – physical flesh. How effective are they at the level of physical flesh? Read the manual-annotation with a list of contraindications and side effects will become clear the level of effectiveness and harmfulness of these drugs.

Answer: Any tablets, injections of drugs – are the material means. And any material means capable of interacting only at the level of physical flesh and not able to interact at the level of spirit and soul. Note that any chronic disease always arises, flows and fixed for all human bodies, including the mind and soul with flesh.

Answer: Only the light of information that fills the human body, clears the dirt and provides informational content of the human body information of Light, Purity and creativity that can effectively tackle chronic disease.
Bright information forms the Living Word. Reading and scoring of the Living Word provides a harmonious health of human bodies!

Answer: You should buy one of three books O.V. Filatovicha:

“Living Word creates life!”

“Rules of Creativity”

“It is vitally important!”

in which the printed universal forms of the Living Word.
Instruction reading rules and scoring flexible form of the Living Word presented in all three books.
Of course, it would be better to use texts of all 9-flexible form of the Living Word, which are published in three books: to be read sequentially by 10 days each universal form of the Living Word of twice a day – only 90 days.
After completion of the wellness policy of the Living Word should continue to support in the Light of their bodies.
This is best done on a daily basis once a day to read – articulate universal form № 6;
– Or Universal Form № 5 of the Living Word;
Ely Universal Matrix Living Word according to the scheme, published in the book “Vital!” (Section IV).

 Answer: Once again the axiom: Man – this is information the substance of the content of thoughts, words, deeds and thus the health of which depends entirely on the content and scope of information that fills its body!
In times of Aratta and Tripoli voiced above axiom known our ancestors and this is why daily read-voiced morning and evening prayer, while eating the food on the road during a crisis situation.
Once again I want to emphasize one important fact that none of their prayers was not dirty, unclean, destructive words!
If every day is NOT to fill your body Living Word (Information Light), they will be filled with information dirt – dirt, destruction!
Whether we like it or not – around us and permeates the information field, which included, in most cases there is an information dirt, filth, the destruction of (source-media: print, television, radio, communication with people who are in the embrace of the “information mud.
Select a person one of two things:
Or save time on reading light, clean, creative information, allowing dirty, unclean, destructive information to fill the human body, creating, implementing, materializing a devastating chronic illness with disability and the acceleration time of parting with physical flesh.
Or every day to read, articulate lyrics light and clean, creative words – the Living Word, providing lighting, cleanliness, creativity and their own bodies, respectively, creating, implementing, introducing a healthy, active life, and, accordingly, a successful present and future!

Now let’s clarify once again:

Living Word – a text, reflecting the intentions of the Creator. Thanks to this Living Word on irradiation generates light. Light – a matrix Zhittetvorennya provider of information and the energy supply of each cell, tissue, organ, organosistemi any living creature.

Let me remind our readers that any chronic illness is formed and proceeds in four stages:
Stage 1 – Initiation (Nachalo. This is an informational blocking a certain segment of the Flame of the body (Spirit), which occurs as a result of accumulation of unclean, destructive, dirty thoughts tenant of the Spirit (Chelovekom. Usually the first stage of the disease occurs within three months.
Step 2 – The reason (foundation). This information block in a particular segment of the subtle body (the soul), is the result of accumulation of unclean, destructive, dirty words man. The second phase of the clinical course of time an average of three months.
Third stage – Process (Implementation). This information – the energy blocking certain energy centers, which occurs as a result of accumulation in a fiery and subtle bodies about evil, destructive, dirty implemented actions – actions that made people. Typically, the third stage takes place over time in an average of three months.
Step 4 – Investigation (Materializatsiya. This information – energy block cells; tissues; bodies; organosistem (organocomplexes) physical body. The fourth stage is the result of accumulation of dirt filling in all human bodies – physical, subtle and fiery (if a person has) as unclean, destructive, dirty thoughts, words, ongoing action – actions. The conclusion is any chronic illness is formed and proceeds in four stages: – Initiation or the beginning; – The reason or foundation. – Process or implementation; – Investigation or materialization. and recorded in the form of information, awareness and energy blocking in human bodies – physical, soul and spirit (if a person has. Symptom of the disease (signs of the disease in the physical body) is starting to show no earlier than the disease is formed and locks in all human bodies. Any material medications (pills, organic and inorganic compounds, physical therapy facilities) are able to interact only with the physical body. Spirit, soul and energy centers materiel can not interact. Therefore, any treatment of chronic diseases materiel is unsuccessful. There is only one tool – an instrument capable of displace, wipe, dissolve of dirt (which is the essence of the disease) of all human bodies, at all four stages of the disease. This tool – Tools – Living Word. With the formation of the Living Word of Light, and filling their spirit, soul, flesh, man freed from a chronic illness!

Treatment is carried out by scoring the texts of the Living Word in three successive stages:
1. Formation of Light, filling them to the human body. A man reads, voiced texts Living Word. During the sound generated light (ie the Information Matrix Zhittetvorennya), which fills the light of the human body. The bigger the text the living word voiced, the greater the amount of light is formed and fills the human body.
2. Dissolution of the Light of dirt. Light fills the human body and pushes, dissolves, wipes of dirt, which is present in human bodies (Light and dirt are not compatible!) That this is the beginning of dirt, foundation, implementation, materialization of the disease.
3.Formuvannya Light Matrix Zhittetvorennya. After liberation, purification of human bodies from the information dirt, light forms an information matrix Zhittetvorennya. This information matrix restores and strengthens the structure and function of each cell, tissue; body; organosistemy rights. This is completely new, balanced, active life! Indeed, the energy potential and human activity increases several times. Outside and inside people younger years 10 – 20 (laboratory, instrumental and biochemical examination can establish that the biological age of the person actually decreases in these same 10 – 20 years)! For example, in women, in which five, ten or more years absent menstrual cycle (menopause occurred), restored hormonal activity.  

With the method of formation of luminous flux, a doctor – informoterapevt able to direct light to the pathologically altered segment of the Flame, subtle and physical body locally, allowing the intensity of the interaction of the light beam with a specific segment of the Flame, subtle and physical body grows hundreds of thousands of times over the usual method of light interaction. To make it clearer, to explain: the volume of the physical body into an average of 50 thousand cm ³. We found that when a person reads the text of the Living Words, receives light flux, which fills the Fire, the subtle and physical body of the Light. At the same luminous flux is uniformly distributed throughout the volume of fire, a subtle and physical bodies of man (an average of 50 thousand cm ³). Physician – informoterapevt, knowledgeable formation of a local stream, able to create a healing Information matrix of the Living Word, which at the time of voicing directs condensed light flux on the local segment of the Flame, subtle and physical bodies affected by the disease (energy-information blocking). Typically, local pathological segment of the Flame, subtle and physical body has a volume of 5
to 20 cm ³. When a patient reads the text of the Living Matrix Spa Words formed by compaction of the luminous flux of locally interacts with the volume of the pathological lock, for example, a 5 cm 3. Power of the luminous flux is 1000 times greater than the power of the light filling the usual reading of the Living Word, for example, Universal Form (50000 cm 3: 5 cm 3 = 10 000 times!) With the formation of a local flux increases the effectiveness of treatment in a thousand times, respectively, during recovery is accelerated and a thousand times!

1.Diagnosis Physician – informoterapevt examines the patient and establish clinical and information-field diagnosis.
2.Tvorennya According to the diagnostic information the doctor creates a healing matrix of the Living Word for the treatment of the patient.
3.Navchannya A study patient or his immediate family or friends (who will assist him) read the rules of the Matrix Spa Living Word. What is Medical Matrix Living Word? This is a guide for consistent reading of texts of the Living Word in order to eliminate the disease once on all four stages of its formation: Initiation; Causes; Process; Consequences in all human bodies (the physical body, soul, spirit).
4. Treatment The patient reads, voiced texts of the Living Word, thereby carrying out the treatment in either a convenient place (usually home) twice a day. To eliminate one disease usually need three – Medical Matrix. Each treatment matrix should be read in an average of nine days.  

Subjectively, the elimination of the disease occurs in four successive stages:
Step 1 – purification of human bodies from the information dirt. This phase is manifested through: – Headache; – Nausea, which may even be accompanied by vomiting; – Sweating, heat, cold; – Increased blood pressure; – A dull or sharp pain at the site of localization of the disease; increase in body temperature, even up to 39 degrees (holds up to three days); swelling of the mucous membranes – a runny nose, tears and coughing. Usually, these manifestations of short-term (from several minutes to several hours).
Step 2 – rehabilitation of human bodies. There is a revitalization of the Flame, thin bodies and cells, tissues, organs of the physical body: appears earlier lost strength and energy; increased efficiency (it is the same as a disease. appears calm, confident, good sleep, a sense of harmony with the surrounding world; there is an irresistible desire to live and create.
3rd Stage – activation of human bodies. There is a revitalization, strengthening the functional capacity of all organs and body systems. The body begins to work more powerful than the subjective (the person feels that the organism is alive, younger by 20 – 30 years!)
Step 4 – Zhittetvorennya. Active and productive, creative camp is like life after recovery! The more difficult the disease, intense aggravation, the more the struggle of light beams with a pathological condition, the more active manifestations of this struggle on the part of the physical body. The intensity of the sharpening can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the frequency of reading medical matrices. Check the frequently (3 times a day) – more intense manifestation of the struggle with the disease. Check the less (1 time per day) – less intense deterioration of the physical body. After completion of treatment the patient feels completely healthy. If we make the objective instrumental and laboratory examinations of the physical body after treatment, the Living Word, will render recovery and significant improvement of clinical, laboratory, and instrumental parameters of the physical condition of man.

With the best wishes for realization the Light God’s Plans
Alexander Filatovich!