Medical Center of Living Word in Kiev

The heavy chronic illnesses, in result of which early disability and premature death (cardiovascular, brain, endocrine and other), heavy infectious diseases (AIDS, epidemics of a flu with the lethal consequences, not specific pneumonia and others), destructive genetic, hereditary illnesses and other problems of the men;

The intergovernmental military conflicts, information wars, acts of terrorism, economic opposition and others problems of human community;

The flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami, ozone holes, hotbed effect and others Planetary cataclysms. These crisis phenomena become deeper, heavy and destructive. What does unite all these Planetary and Human problems, which during last decades uncontrollably accumulate? These problems are united by that, they threaten to overstep maximum-permissible limits of pollution and opportunity to live on the Planet Earth.
In according with these problems threaten with catastrophic destruction and doing impossible existence of the human civilization.

I. These problems are united by one general REASON – it is soulless, thoughtless, irresponsible destructive human activity.
II. These problems are united by the OPPORTUNITY of the EXIT from this global crisis of human community through fulfilment of 3 conditions harmonious living:
3 conditions of Spiritual growth
1. A spiritual vibrating Communion with God.
2. Constantly spiritual development through knowledge, training, observance of God’s Laws.
3. To live under the God’s Laws – that is creation of a material World in harmony of all Human community and with the Planet Earth. Who is God (the Creator, Universal Reason) from the scientific point of view?
This is…

  • The united Information Field which penetrates all Real is material and non-material;
  • System of harmonious interaction of material and non-material objects;
  • System of realization constant Spiritual, material development in according of God’s laws.

A few words about God’s Laws

The Laws of Creator are faultless, thanks to that, these Laws have passed test, correction by time, that time, which in human understanding to measure it is impossible – time of existence of the God is boundless!

The Laws of God omnipotent, the system of the God’s Hierarchy is working on the all levels of existence of living creature, providing dynamic movement on the way of creation, stops process degradation of any living creature.

In according with God’s Laws the Spiritual always is primary, material is secondary. For the sake of preservation a high-level vibrations Spirit of man, the system of the God’s Hierarchy is ready to destroy any material object if it prevents evolutionary development on the planet Earth and in all Universe. ☼ The Laws of Creator existed, exist and will exist irrespective of understanding or perception their living essences. The system of the God’s Hierarchy is the precise, automated control system verified and harmonious. Further, I want to tell you about opportunities of an exit from global Human crisis. The main tool for the decision of Planetary Human crisis is and always will be a Word which is a Tool of Creator On the Planet Earth is only one essence:

  • which is able to speaking Words;
  • thanks to Word can form the thought (to think);
  • thanks to Word can logically and consistently to operate and create a matter.

On our Planet there is only one living essence (except, certainly, the Earth) it is a Man, which has Triune Essence: it is Spirit, Soul and Flesh. The human Spirit is a component of the God’s Essence, the Spirit never Was and Will not be a component of a material world. And as the fact, the Man is embodied God’s Essence (Co-Creator). And for this reason the Creator has entitled the Man to use the Tool for Creation – it is the Living Word! “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”, – the sacred Gospel according to John. If the Word has a high level of vibrations (the Living Word) and the Person keeps all 3 conditions of spiritual growth, so materialization of Light pure plans realize instantly! And any crisis recedes for ever!

Exactly about it is told in the book “Living Word Creates the Life!”
We live during the Time of formation of new race of Radiant Mankind. Requirement of the Creator – vibrating unity with the God, constant spiritual development, life under God’s Laws!

Tsyfrona 25
the Effulgence of the Stream
by the Cleanliness of the coition
by the Starry limpidity
will Construct the Outline
the changes of the All Real

With the best wishes for realization the Light God’s Plans
Alexander Filatovich!